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Some of my best BEAUTY SECRETS for beauty, hair and skin-care for the TRAVEL WORLD!


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27 Replies to “TRAVEL BEAUTY SECRETS for Skin-Care & Hair”


    I can recommend about FPS… The highest is better! I'm in Brazil, and I use 70 protection. I was wearing a 60, and my sensitive skin was struggling… As soon as I find something highest then 70, I'll stick to it.

  2. Maddisen Mosser

    I would love to see a video on how your style your hair! I have been livinggg for your color and the styling lately!

  3. Jessica B

    I'd love to know which brands/products you use to keep warm on trips! Anything from hiking boots to snow boots, to jackets and backpacks. What works best for you? I live in Florida and will be making my way to Alaska soon and definitely need advice 🙂

  4. Raya Al Hajri

    When I am going to the airport, I wear no makeup other than a lipstick to feel that I am looking nice. I don't like the feeling of makeup staying on my skin for a very long time. If I am going to meet someone at the airport and want to look nice, I just go to the bathroom, wash my face and put some makeup on and feel fresh and nice.

  5. Affan Arsalan

    hi Nadine! i love to travel and i travel after getting salary! can you please tell me that what source do you have to travel. i mean Money- where from coming to you?
    and Are you travel alone ?
    Thanks You

  6. Sergio Largo

    Hi!!! nice video, you are invited to watch our videos on our Youtube channel (with english closed caption) and be encouraged to come to Colombia, here you have all our support!!!

  7. Lucky Charm

    Just need idea 💡 to bring on airplane to do 😂 I usually bring words each / adult color book/portable charger/headphone my iPad and this year I am going bring reading book as well

  8. McKenzie Armstrong

    Please do a hairstyle tutorial for when you can't straighten or curl your hair! I would love to know how to do some quick updo's that don't totally look like crap when traveling and don't take a million years to figure out how to do a bunch of intricate braiding. Love the videos!

  9. Travels World

    I would like travel to if I had money 💴 like your rich parents and my parents were not rich as your parents hmm 🤔 you just sent me some pictures beautiful flowers.

  10. Life Like Zoe

    So glad I'm not the only one who chooses to take full size hair tools on long trips. I brought a full size curling iron on a 3 month trip last summer and I don't know what I would have done to look nice without it.

  11. Stephanie casts

    Travel hair tutorials please

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