Hair & Beauty TRAVEL HACKS

My best TRICKS, TIPS and HACKS for looking your best with hair, skin and makeup while traveling and on the road!
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31 Replies to “Hair & Beauty TRAVEL HACKS”

  1. Emad Saad done

    can you do a video on like people that are 9 years old for travel old enough so yep please do it on like I pick her up and tell me to ask you so yeah please please I'm exploring you know I'll do a lot of stuff and like and rolling of time parents rehab and anyway I'm like I just need you to do that please pretty please let me ask you and then so thank you

  2. Aileen Estrada

    i tend to disagree about the toothpaste spot treatment. A much better, simpler, more natural alternative is teatree oil. Nature's BEST spot treatment. I will never use anything else.

  3. Morgan Selenius

    My mom taught me this trick growing up: Mark your name on your aloe Vera and stick it in your hotel/hostel/air bnbs refrigerator! It work better to bring down the swelling of sunburns

  4. Aegle

    Cushion foundation are great for travel too… And intime gel cleaner is a good multitasking product… You can wash your face with it because the pH is more appropriate for the skin, you can use it as gel shower or even shampoo… And of course you can use it for your intimate parts. Conditioner is good as shaving cream too

  5. Tina Jackson

    PIXIE HAIR HACK WHILE TRAVELING = Aveda Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener.
    Seriously, I have tried almost everything to smooth pixie cut hair and a tiny bit goes a LONG way, so super travel friendly! I put some in an eye dropper container and label it.

  6. Tina Jackson

    The toothpaste hack works on super bad sunburns also. At least it works when I’ve occasionally burned.
    You can also use it to buff off the orange hands if you got too much self-tanner on your hands.

  7. Tina Jackson

    Monistat chaffing gel also is an excellent primer on days you know you will be super sweaty. Just don’t use it every day and be sure to thoroughly clean your face at the end of the day!!

  8. Rozamunduszek

    I'd like to see how much space all your travel toiletries/makeup/meds/etc take. Cos it all sounds awesome and I bet all of these are hella useful but it all takes precious space. I usually travel with only a carry-on and if you add all the more conventional i.e. non-hack-y supplies like shampoo, soap, tissues, wet wipes, pads, etc, not to mention the actual clothes, I'm afraid it'd take a LOT of space

  9. Lava Yuki

    Lush is great for travel products since they sell solid shampoo and soap bars so you don't have to worry about the liquid restrictions. My hair is too short to bun though, I just use side ponytails

  10. bel pet

    There are endocrine disruptors in everything. Even receipts!

    But the cows milk thing just isn't true. Bovine growth hormone has no biological response to humans. It's an amino acid based hormone that is completely digested just like any other protein in the milk.

    Even if it did, the amount you'd get through milk would do nothing! So fear not, unless you are lactose intolerant, cows milk is completely safe and won't mess with your hormones or other bodily functions beyond what it's supposed to do.

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