DAY IN THE LIFE OF A MODEL | Paris Fashion Week

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Well, this is a little late… but yay for Paris Fashion Week!! I am having such an amazing time in Paris and am in love with this city! It was an honor to walk in Paris Fashion Week for Oxford Fashion Studio and I met so many rad people and it made for a memorable night. I walked 7 outfits in one night so I was pretty exhausted after but being in Paris is always an amazing experience.

If you want to know a little bit about why I am all of the sudden in Paris:

(Shoutout to the amazing @camy for getting some clips of the show!!)

edited: elena
filmed: elena

△A Day in the Life of Tessa:

△Paris Fashion Week Vlog

△ Eaux Claires Festival

△ Rose Bowl Flea Market:


△ Elena’s Instagram-
△ Tessa’s Instagram-
△ Tumblr-

Ok sorry some of these clips are kinda crappy (I really don’t know what is happening at 2:04) but hopefully you can get past the quality and still enjoy!! :)))

p.s. you’re awesome and we love you.

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21 Replies to “DAY IN THE LIFE OF A MODEL | Paris Fashion Week”

  1. Channelle Holly

    I love your Video!! I have a channel too and it'd be awesome if you checked it out & Subscribe ! Xo

  2. Makayla Samountry

    I'm living for your paris vlogs girl!! What a once in a life time experience – you look so vibrant and full of life in all these clips!! Seriously, what an adventure 🙂

  3. africanroses

    Im always loving your videos, your editing is always on point SLAYING ALL THE TIME <3 I love this video

  4. Lauryn Mills

    Wow! So cool you got to walk in paris fashion week!
    I recently walked in Toronto fashion week. Not as big as paris but best we can do in Canada hahah.

  5. Arianne Chavasse

    I love Oxford Fashion Studio. I went to their shows at NYFW and PFW ⭐️congrats on the runway!!

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