How to Travel TULUM CHEAP – Has it Recovered?

After much feedback on my last video in Tulum Mexico, it was time to explore the CHEAP and affordable side of Tulum 2019 and that is in Tulum town, also known as Tulum Pueblo. This video is a guide showing you how to travel Tulum on a budget. If you watched my last Tulum visit – I focused entirely on the Tulum beach front which I found to be extremely expensive and with the sargassum, it was a rather disappointing experience:

With that said, Tulum is back at it again and I really enjoyed my second visit and highly recommend you stay in Tulum Town or atleast eat in Tulum town to get the best value out of your trip.

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44 Replies to “How to Travel TULUM CHEAP – Has it Recovered?”

  1. Lost LeBlanc

    If you want to watch my original Tulum video from 5 months ago:

    Thank you to @Lukealll for his help in filming this and next week we will show you the rest of our incredible trip through Yucatan Mexico.
    I have already told Katy I want to do more of Mexico ASAP.
    PS. I forgot my Mic in Canada and couldn't find any replacements once in Mexico. Sorry for the audio quality.
    See you again here on Saturday 😉

  2. Veronica Quesnel

    I'm surprised that Katy didn't take you to cheap taquerias the first time around. But i'm glad you gave Tulum another shot 🙂

  3. Keith Perspective

    Try Ilocos Region here in Philippines, lots of waterfalls i have one video in my channel about a falls in Dingras part of Ilocos Norte region, dont worry! all is under a budget!

  4. Toownster

    Hi Chris, I saw you and Luke in Bacalar @La Playita. I did not want to disturb you guys but it was amazing to see you do the magic with your camera's and drone. The way you flew it was so smooth! You or mostly Luke gave me the best moment when he failed his backflip and landed on his face lol. Keep up the good work!

  5. Edu RC

    I can't find the video where you gave the name of the flying shots database or flying "fillers" that you use. Would you share it please? Thanks a lot!

  6. Freedom Strider

    Overtourism is a big problem, companies and tourism boards need to invest in protecting areas so that future generations can enjoy it rather than just see photos of what something was.

  7. Lea Moreau

    I love this video so much … really !!! except your friend jumping with his shoes on the bed T___T not cool for cleaning … just saying (as for someone who worked in cleaning rooms and washing all the sheets and bed cover… ) hope he is not jumping on his bed every morning with his shoes ON :/

  8. Juan Maldonado

    Hi my name is Juan im from Puerto Rico please checkout #tiratepr , adventure_puertorico, soydeaquipr , #thegoodlifepr , are some Instagram acounts that you can view and get a glimps of what PR has to offer please check it out and houpfully see a vlog from you in Puerto Rico soon.

  9. Christopher Yajeev

    Love how you discreetly inserted nostalgic video sequences with Katy as the video progressed, so people like me don’t complain of her, yeah hey it’s worth the trip to really listen to your viewers constructive criticism and act on it…was enjoyable!

  10. My Seafood Family

    It's great, your channel is the best channel I've ever seen, I'm also a youtuber and I'm glad to meet you and other youtubers.

  11. Ana Isabel

    This is the kind of video that we want to see! We know that this your work and with the time you could do better and expensives trips and that is amazing for you, but if you wanna inspire people to travel you have to know that most of us travel with a budget. So thank you and i Hope to see more of this kind of vídeos 🙂

  12. Georgia Scott

    Can you do more budget Bali videos when you are back there??? I loved the first video you did on it and I’ve been binging your channel ever since 😍😍😍

  13. Marshall Nye

    I'd love if you did more videos in Central America! Check out San Pedro Belize, Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica!

  14. Martin Malmgren

    I am currently 18 years old and am planning to go to Bali for two months the coming summer. Do you reckon I'm too young? Or are there people my age in Bali as well?

  15. Isabel Marie García Mondesí

    Amazing video! Now I would like to visit Tulum. You should come to Dominican Republic! It's so beautiful and full of great people.

  16. Nick Winters

    Do you still vlog with the Canon 1d x mark II? What are your thoughts on vlogging with the 5d mark IV, or the EOS R? Personally I think it would be cool if you did a what's in my travel gear bag video or something similar, maybe showing all your camera gear and accessories? And any other things that are a must to travel vlogging. I think other people who watch your videos and are inspired by what you do would love to see the video! Thank you again, loved the Tulum video!

  17. GodistheonlyOG

    It's so cool to finally watch a video that much of us can relate to – after so long. More affordable and "realistic". Balance is the key haha.

  18. aldo garza

    For the rental I usually get the liability from Expedia way cheaper and use a travel credit card which usually covers if anything happens to the car. The only thing is that they would charge you a deposit between 60k and 70k in card which I never have any issues to get it all of it back.

  19. sina92

    Heyyy my DM made it into the video! So glad you liked the taco place. I actually visited Tulum on this day last year when I visited Mexico. Nice little throwback and awesome video as always.

  20. Surendra Pratap

    You're probably the most modest guy making travel videos 😀 Nobody handles negative comments better than you. Cheers 🙂

  21. Brandon Pompliano

    Great video, I really appreciate all the valuable travel information! I hope you keep making these type of videos. One thing you didn’t touch on is what you do with all your gear when leaving on bikes for the day? As a cinematographer myself with thousands of dollars in equipment on each trip, I get so nervous about my gear. A hostel is usually never in my plans because of security. I would die if I came back to see my gear stolen.

  22. Vida Velázquez

    OMG! Bonita, the burger restaurant is mine!!! This was so awesome. Thank you for sharing, this made my day!!!

  23. Dear Vagabondlife

    I like your videos. They are cool and funny. You are showing "real" travel. Giving good advices. You are not trying to do stuff because its fancy. I like that 👍

  24. Nate Cicilia

    Hi all! I made my first video yesterday! I made it for my friends birthday and got inspired by this channel. Since I wanna learn more and get better, I would love to get your advice! Thank you and I hope y’all like it.

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