Cancelled! Hot Air Balloon Cappadocia, now what? | Turkey Travel Vlog | Travel Talk Tours #2

Travel in Turkey and you most likely want to hot air balloon Cappadocia, but what if your ride is cancelled? In this vlog… ⬇ More Below ✈ Our 220 page guide on how to travel non-stop —

Cappadocia is one of the most popular places in Turkey and has been on our bucket list for some time now, mostly because of the hot air balloon Cappadocia popularity in the area. Sadly for us, our ride was cancelled because of snow – which is not supposed to happen in Kapadokya in April!

So what’s there to do in Cappadocia if your hot air balloon ride doesn’t go ahead? That’s what we wanted to know as well, lucky for us we’re on a Travel Talk Tour around Turkey and they had plenty of options to keep us exploring Kapadokya for the day.

In this vlog we explore Cappadocia and spend the day exploring the area, without hot air ballooning… not something we ever thought would happen! Turning a positive into a negative though: 1) Cappadocia still is epic and so much to travel around and see 2) Travel Talk planned hot air balloon rides at our next stop instead! 3) we got to see snow, which we haven’t seen in years!

Check back for our next travel vlog where we finally get to hot air ballon ride in Turkey haha!

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Disclaimer – This trip was made possible by Travel Talk Tours, but as always our opinions and experiences are genuine and our own.

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25 Replies to “Cancelled! Hot Air Balloon Cappadocia, now what? | Turkey Travel Vlog | Travel Talk Tours #2”

  1. J. James

    The snow at the start is beautiful. I think it was a blessing you guys got to see this famous place different than anyone has film before. Appreciate you sharing things we've never seen. Amazing views from inside those cave homes. Great episode 🙂
    Safe travels guys, James and Kim

  2. Delightful Travellers

    Such a cool landscape you guys. Turkey is on our must visit list! 😃 It's so fun to see you guys in the snow. Being from Canada I can tell you that it gets old fast 😉 We're warm weather chasers too – Trevor

  3. Ronaldo MacDonaldo

    Yep, our hot air balloon event at Cappadoccia was also cancelled! So heart breaking, huh?! All the balloonists/pilots (?) wearing their cool leather aviator jackets and waiting for their FAA clearance and after the cookies and tea, the chief aviator makes the unfortunate announcement and apologizing for the cancellation. You can see the cancellation given by their FAA & weather bureau on LCD monitors. Interesting that you have to type your name and country on some guy's laptop before you go up. By the way, a vice-consul of the French embassy in Istanbul died when his hot air balloon died when it snagged high voltage wires in Cappadoccia. 😘🇵🇭

  4. 오늘, 우리Today, We

    It looks very interesting and delicious to break food in a pot. I want to experience it when I go to Turkey💛
    I'm also doing YouTube while traveling. If you have time, please come to my channel and watch the video. 😅

  5. Vasslander

    I don't get it, we went to Cappadocia in february and it was -4 degrees on average but they let us do the balloon trip. I guess it was cold but not windy?

  6. Traveling Holmes

    That's so neat!! The hats really do look like they were placed there. 🙂 We're actually starting to travel full time with our toddler in less than a month and Turkey is one of the top places on my list!

  7. Reynolds Monaghan

    Great video guys….the rug sale is a big scam, those people who bought rugs to be posted to their homeland will get some inferior rug made in Pakistan or somewhere else…been through the Turkish rug sale scam in 2012, a lot of Turkish men are very charming as they work on you but when no sale they change their tune. I experienced it and it was very intimidating. Lots of history and a visit to Ephesus is a must…

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