Rome Travel Guide

Our Rome travel guide! We go classic cinema for a classic city, Rome is one of the most beautiful cities on earth. Full of iconic landmarks, wonderful food, and unique experiences, there’s something in Rome for everyone.

And for all you format purists out there, we bring back the price of a cup of coffee, a beer, and a Big Mac for the Rome episode! Alongside transport tips, amazing food, and money of course.

How we film our travel guides –

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26 Replies to “Rome Travel Guide”

  1. Josh Pemberton

    I know this was years ago but my favourite travel book is called ‘you’ve gone too far this time sir’. It’s about a teacher who decided to go to India but because he was teaching global warming to his kids he realised he shouldn’t take a plane… he rode a bike from England to India, took him around half a year or more and it is hilarious


    Finally, a Rome travel guide not hosted by idiots. Great production values, presentation, and knowledge base. The beat-to-heck film stock look gets old after a while but that's a small quibble. You guys are the best.

  3. Travis J

    Hellloooo!!! thanks for the amazing video! I just looked into Rome for October 2019, and can't belive how cheap it is for flight & hotel for 6 or 7 nights. any reason why it's so cheap? Any suggested hotel to stay at for married couple, no kids?? Thank you so much!

  4. gixxer 750

    Gosh I love European cities. The history, architecture, and beauty. I wish United States had beautiful cities. American cities suck and have ALOT of crime. But i will say America has beautiful natural scenery.

  5. Noah Bowie

    My parents got engaged in Rome, I got married in Rome and I love the city so much that I actually bought an apartment in the city. It was eye wateringly expensive but I don't care I love Rome as if it were my child.

  6. Senza Nome

    Please tell people not to order a "Latte", they will get a glass of milk – you need to order a Caffe Latte or Caffe Americano!

  7. sleepy at dawn

    Great video as always! quick question, where did you find this "amazing" tiramisu? i roamed Rome hopping to find a good place to have a piece of my favorite dessert but all i could find was instantanious formulas that left much to be desired.

  8. Davide Severi

    As a roman, I really, really loved and enjoyed watching your video. I agree on every point, and you gave a beautiful and spontaneous depiction of the city. Loved the face when you tasted Bonci's pizza. I know that feeling. Thanks

  9. simonlu2005

    I love your videos and use them as our travel guides. However, I would like to point something out in this video. at 7:51 mark, the lady selling what looks like Chinese Egg Pancake, is this in Rome?…:)

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