Exploring Mumbai, Goa, and Volunteering | India Travel Vlog

The last official India Vlog! In this video, we visited Mumbai and Goa with Contiki on the Eternal India Tour. Then Fletcher and I headed back to Udaipur to learn about We and learn from local villagers.
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Part 2:

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Epidemic Sound

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47 Replies to “Exploring Mumbai, Goa, and Volunteering | India Travel Vlog”

  1. Megha Oberoi

    is it just me or does anyone else also find it a little ignorant that the background music used by foreigners for India-visiting-vlogs is not even actual "Indian music"? In fact, it's like music that people think matches the culture and diversity, but doesn't actually.

  2. Murali

    I think all foreigners visit only these chaotic places like Delhi,Mumbai,Goa & Jaipur…So I request you u try going to Kerala for great relaxing ending of ur trip

  3. lexiebowe

    child marriages and the commodification of women is not "cool". It is a patriarchal part of many cultures all over the world which inhibit the freedoms of young girls.

  4. Liah Low

    I really like that video! Beautiful! 🙂
    I think it should be mentiond that arranged marriage can also be forced and individuals can be very unhappy.

  5. Ci Silver

    You are such a breath of fresh air, unlike some other travel vlogs where they show the glitz and glam. I love how honest your vlogs are, about learning, and helping.

  6. Adalenne Hatcher

    I've loved these vlogs so much! You should take a trip through Watoto in Uganda. I think you would really enjoy it. It has been my favorite place to see so far in my life, and Watoto is such an incredible organization! Love your content so much, and would love to meet you/travel with you sometime! xx

  7. Freya

    So inspiring!!! Wanna go to India so badly now! :)))
    And do you pronounce your name elena (like emphasis on the first e or the second e)? I've just always wanted to know! x

  8. Sincerely Kimme

    I’ve enjoyed your entire India series. It’s one of my bucket list countries to visit. I love how you were able to see so many facets of India. You were so respectful of their culture and seemed genuinely interested in everything you were able to experience. This particular one was my favorite because you were able to spend time with the artisans and the women. I worked for a fair trade company a few years ago and all the co-ops are so near and dear to my heart because it truly does make a difference in their lives. Thanks for the vlogs.

  9. Gülşah Gümüşalan

    This vlogs just gave me peace omg ❤️ thank you so much for putting all this effort to your trip for bringing us together with you! It was so beautiful to watch andddd Fletcher's dance moves… I just can't 😂 Love you!!

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