Ancient Epicness – Ephesus & Troy History | Turkey Vlog | Travel Talk Tours #4

The history or Turkey is rich and in this travel vlog we visit both Ephesus and Troy with Travel Talk Tours to explore ancient cities and…✈ Our 220 page guide on how to travel non-stop —

Ephesus and Troy history in one video – if you like history you’re gonna dig this one! In this vlog we finally add a bit of history and show some of Turkeys ancient cities, rather than the pure beauty and awesomeness we’ve shown from our first few days with Travel Talk Tours!

Ephesus is an ancient city with so many stories and deep history, but today it’s an incredible place you can check out, take a tour around the site and get up and close to the ruins. We were surprised at how close you can get to these ancient ruins, even touching them and walking over them.

Troy gained some popularity in 2014 after the movie dropped, but Turkey and its history of Troy goes a lot deeper than that. We were pleased to check out the site of Troy, and see the Turkish horse, on a tour so we could get more details on the history ourselves to share.

Another epic few days exploring with Travel Talk Tours, the travel vlogs are slowly coming to a close on our tour and Turkey continues to keep us smiling!

Here’s the trip we’re taking with Travel Talk Tours around Turkey for 11 days —

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Disclaimer – This trip was made possible by Travel Talk Tours, but as always our opinions and experiences are genuine and our own.

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21 Replies to “Ancient Epicness – Ephesus & Troy History | Turkey Vlog | Travel Talk Tours #4”

  1. J. James

    Aside from the amazing beauty of this location the sleeping dogs reminded us of our time in China. Always a joy watching your travels. Also, Very cool teaser for the next episode 🙂
    Thanks for sharing, James and Kim

  2. Perry Boys

    Danger & Stacey, thanks for another great video! I'm traveling to Istanbul in the near future. If I can only get to one other city, do you recommend Ephesus over the others you've been to?

  3. Kara Tamga

    Hi guys, while you enjoy your tour I realized something many people have confusion about. In ancient Roman cities, generally there are two different theatres. The first one is a smaller one and it is called "odeion". It is used for musical activities mostly, not theatrical. And in some cases these kind of structures are used for city council meetings and they are called "bouleuterion". What you see at 2:10 is a bouleterion, not an amphitheatre.
    The second one, I mean the huge one at Ephesus close to gymnasium building you probably saw (It is not in the video unfortunately) is a real amphitheatre.

  4. Rex Waldron

    What an amazing location! You were really dipping into history at Ephesus, in fact the place has Biblical connections as St Paul wrote to the people of Ephesus in around 60 AD. It was a major trading centre at that time and by all accounts pretty diverse ethnically. These Turkey vlogs have been so varied in their content – I'm loving them!

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