Couple Living Full-Time on a Sailboat for 5 Years & Sailing Around the World

We’re excited to share a full tour & interview with Nick & Terysa, a couple who quit their jobs as a dentist/paramedic and moved onto a sailboat 5 years ago. Once living aboard, it took them a year to prepare for the long-term travel adventure and they’ve since been sailing full-time for 4 years and counting. They’ve crossed the Atlantic Ocean twice, have sailed around Europe, the Caribbean, and the East Coast of the US; and they have plans to eventually circumnavigate the globe. You can follow their adventures and learn how they do it on their channel, Sailing Yacht Ruby Rose:

It’s always a scary thing to pursue your passion and to choose a lifestyle that’s off the beaten path. These two certainly admit it was a scary and stressful transition, and it took them three years to get rid of their stuff, sell Nick’s dental practice, find the right boat, and rent out their apartment so they could give it a go. And even though it’s not always easy, they say the past 4 years have been the best years of their lives.

To earn a living while they sail, they rent out an apartment in London, they earn income from YouTube where they share vlogs and tips for people who want to try living on a boat, too, and they also have a Patreon page:

We were almost able to cross paths with these two when we were in Portugal last year but it didn’t work out, so we want to say a big thank you to Nick & Terysa for filming & sharing their story with us 🙂

Thanks for watching!

Mat & Danielle


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48 Replies to “Couple Living Full-Time on a Sailboat for 5 Years & Sailing Around the World”

  1. Bob Sturgis

    I am guessing when he sold is business,the money from that helped buy these beautifull boat?Great job on fillming please do more like these.Happy Adventures in what every you travel in.🌏✌

  2. Piers Bird

    Comprehensive production, great story telling, good work you two. The moustache is a strong look, coolio, shame yer lass isn't enamoured with facial hair. Ladies get to express themselves with make up daily but when we have a little play with a moustache we get all sorts of jip! It's a tough life being a fella!

  3. Nikolai

    Nice and brave people, very able too. They completely deserve all the goodies of the life style they live, it's the result of their efforts and dreams!)

  4. kassandra344

    Did that for years myself, brought up two children, home ended too. It's a great life but you do need money, boats are constantly needing money spent on them. Plus you are very dependent on the land for food and water, not a self sufficient lifestyle really.

  5. Kim Reed

    Hi guys great well filmed love it, we are just at stage one, we have a 44ft sunbeam and are just getting her ready to start the dream, question though when you say you stop sailing at night when at sea what do you do? Hove too? never yet having done a night sail any info from your experiences would be great. Keep up the good work you keep us inspired.

  6. The Bill Baker

    Thank you Nick & Terysa for letting us into your wonderful world. When I tell my children and my grandchildren there’s a better way all I have to do is point to you two. Stay thirsty my friends.

  7. Monty D

    I was going to take up sailing Around the World but gave up fairly quickly after having got lost about half an hour after turning right out of Portsmouth.

  8. Jennifer Lawrence

    This video does a good job of showcasing HOW they live, but what it doesn't show you is the things you learn from watching their channel. Things like how to respond in a winning way to trolls and jerks (Nick) and how to be a strong woman who deserves to be there without being a moody witch (Terysa) and how to enjoy a city that may be off the tourist path but is valuable nonetheless.

  9. Anavay L'amour

    The knowledge of their life on the boat, the mechanics of everything, what they had to do to prepare, the skills they had to learn; it is all so impressive and the way that they appreciate the life they live is refreshing to see. They also work well together; by far, one of my most favourite YouTube couples.

  10. Nicholas Stevenson

    Two professionals, a dentist and a paramedic. With a rental home and a fairly expensive boat. Yet you expect to live your dream off the back of others. You should be $%#@£# ashamed of yourselves

  11. Peter Foti

    Great Video-Did you guys know how to sail before you got started? I'm two years from retirement (59) and considering living aboard a boat. Lots of decisions to consider. thanks

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