Social Media Is A Monster: My 30 Day Detox

Social Media Is A Monster: My 30 Day Detox

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Social media isn’t designed to be our friend. It makes us anxious, lonely, rewires our brain, makes us feel inadequate, it damages relationships, it deprives us of joy, it steals our long term goals and so much more.

And it was having an incredibly negative effect on me. Mostly that I didn’t know who I was or whether I was awake or asleep.

A lot of things felt they needed to change in my life, but I linked it all to social media and after 30 days of quitting this addictive tool, I have answers into this world and clarity that was much needed.

I hope you enjoyed this video!

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Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

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44 Replies to “Social Media Is A Monster: My 30 Day Detox”

  1. hannah grace

    the other day my pa came to visit me and it actually shocked me because he didn’t have a mobile phone at all. he’d been given one but he’d ended up smashing it with a hammer. he just didn’t need it because he lived so separated from the city and everything.

    it was very enlightening

  2. Nao the Alien

    This video is beautiful, and something I really want to try, you are an huge inspiration for me.
    What I want to say tho is that people like Kim, people who are present in the media like singers, actors and such have really paced schedules so if she had more free time she would probably on her phone/in social media more.

  3. Kat

    Totally agree!
    I deleted my personal instagram account cause I felt the permanent pressure to show how great I'm doing and how happy I'm even if I wasn't.
    I'm still using IG for business but I feel so much better now!

  4. Julie Nakazi

    didn't you post stories about the bone soup and bio stuff this week or so? in that case, you haven't been OFF social media for a month :S
    second of all, with all my respect, the thumbnail has nothing to do with the content other than the mask that kind looks creepy.
    third, even though we might try this, it is not enough to just take a break and then go back to the same old behavior like a junkie, as i know that you are an influencer and that is basically what you do for a living, so i guess no matter how hard you try to step away from social media, you really cant (unless maybe you give your account to someone else and he or she can manage it on your behalf)
    i am not trying to offend you or hurt you or anything, i am just saying, because i have been following you for almost a year now and i really like your content

  5. najnaggg

    Could you sometimes share the titles of books u'r reading? I think this would encourage people to get of socials and find the relaxation in other "alternative realities". Also books tell a lot about ppl 🙂

  6. Eirym

    I think that people use social media to fill their life. I noticed that I spend so much time on social media, most 'cause of my work (I'm a photographer), but in general I use them when i'm bored. In fact I noticed that when I'm with my boyfriend: when I'm with him I don't even know where my phone is, because I wanna enjoy every moment with him and I don't remember to watch it. I started to analyze how much time do I spend on my phone when one day I saw that the battery level was so low, just at 1pm of a random day. This scared me a lot, so now I'm trying to live less on social media and more in real life, 'cause I'm only 23 y.o. and I don't want to tell to my future children that I don't have so many memories of my youth except of how I was busy to check other people's life.

  7. Harpreet

    Hi Sorelle! You make amazing to the point videos, I love that! More power to you! Could you do a brief 'in the day or week' of how you manage to stay away from social media? Also, could you also give us some book recommendations? That'd be great, thank you! 😀

  8. Kalli Kinz

    We were doing this at the same time! I just started my Instagram again yesterday. I felt like social media was taking up my whole day. I had no time to get everything I wasted accomplished in a day. I do not know if I’ll stay on it but I hope I can have the app and just not be an active consumer

  9. Ruxandra Nastase

    Amore, you cover so many meaningful subjects! I'm really enjoying your content and right now I'm on my path to discover how to make money out of what I love, what I truly love that I don't even know how to put into an already-designed box. I hope I'll figure it out along the way. Love your work and your being!

  10. Emma Broad

    I've been avoiding social media since reading about how toxic the design of it is, it's literally designed to addict you and keep you going down a rabbit hole. Reading about it really brought it to reality… Humans are designed to be constantly hungry for information because it was how we used to survive, but now we're addicted to finding pointless information online that doesn't benefit us in the slightest. Glad you're discussing it Sorelle! <3

  11. andymoss

    You seemed very happy from the clips during your detox! 🙂
    I grew up on sm & it connected me to tons of my closest friends! It's also so great for sharing and viewing art!
    But yeah, it's very addicting and numbing when used excessively.
    I started camping a lot, and I find immersing yourself in nature-even for only a weekend- is the best sm/daily grind detox in itself!

    (So, sorelle, if you're ever up for a backcountry camping trip hmu ;-o )

  12. Diana Schulz

    Hi Sorelle. I could not agree with you more. I have said for some time now "where do you all find the time to use social media like you do?" It always looked to me suspiciously like an addiction. I am told that "I" just don't understand. Funny. I guess I never will – because I have better things to do… Keep smiling Sorelle. Save your precious brain power and space for your lovely artistic talent. Thank God you have your "sexy boyfriend" to watch out after you. Take care of "you" for those of us who love your videos. Hugs! XOXOXOX

  13. Jacko Wusch

    I can feel every single word you say. I have 1-2 social media free months a year, but everytime there is this one day I mention that I am back on track again. Although I am making all my income out of social media, sometimes I wish it has been never invented. We all have to learn to deal with this high addiction, but it's not as easy as I thought it is in the first place.

  14. alex a

    I have "Your Hour" app on my phone and I reduced my time on instagram from 2h/day to 45mins/day and the difference is already huge! I try to reduce the time slowly and the app blocks Instagram when I reach the limit so it really helps to fight back the tentation! I put limits for all of my other apps too. I really recommend it for everyone struggling to reduce their on-screen time!

  15. write2chrome

    Sorelle is in a new Porsche commercial (WHAAAT?!). And you've hidden it from us?!
    Just kidding! Was surprised to see you at Porsche channel! And happy for you, never stop!

  16. Jennys Trek

    Thank you for this video. I went on a social media detox about a year ago and I completely agree with everything you said, it's nice to know other people are doing it. I now have control over it as well.
    I wish I could get this message through to my 16 year old daughter who has been diagnosed with anxiety and depression. There's so much meanness kids are dealing with on line these days. They're not mature enough to handle it those types of emotions. Lots of adults can't handle either.

  17. Aly Fitzgerald

    After hearing your podcast with Matt D’Avella I immediately took a social media detox (it’s been 6 days – I allowed YouTube because I only go on to watch certain videos and immediately hop off and I actually want to plow through my watch later list rather than sit on social media) so thanks for the courage and the push. I’ve been needing to do this. And I’ve already experienced/learned so much about myself, my relationship to social media and being present! 🙌🏻

  18. Pato Velez

    Hey Sorelle, so I have been off social media for 6 months now (not counting youtube), and it has been good, although as you said you sometimes find yourself feeling disconnected from the world, and when you're on a low moment that's when you want to go back to social media.
    I have decided to try an be social media free for a year at least, and I find myself wondering how to change my social media habits when I do return, and I found a video by Nathaniel Drew about improving your social media experience. if you want to see it here's the link:

    He is a very good youtuber that talks about mental clarity and minimalism, you should check it out

  19. Carolina Procupez

    Totally agree!! In Social Media you get pushed into the life of others instead of experiencing your own. Social Media is really a monster unless you do it consciously. Great perspective shared on this topic. Thank you Sorelle.

  20. Alyssa Van Blanckenberg

    I recently stopped using my smartphone as a found an old nokia (only texting and calling). I knew I was addicted and I often skipped sleep to have some screen minutes. I feel you much happier and more alive. My parents don't understand as the phone I use sometimes causing little problems when I can't find the way (I can't just look at google maps) but all the positive aspects keep me away from my smartphone.

  21. Brushstroke

    Great idea about switching to airplane mode; I might try that.
    My mother is completely addicted to FaceBook. She's a full-on cyber-stalker and I wound up needing to block her for some crisis-inducing faux pas that I warned her against.

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