COUPLES ADVANCED SELFIES: 7 Easy Partner Posing Ideas For Stunning Relationship Photos

COUPLES ADVANCED SELFIES: 7 Easy Partner Posing Ideas For Stunning Relationship Photos

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HIGHLY requested video about how to pose with your partner for sexy, beautiful, jaw-dropping relationship photos.

This is one of my favourite videos I have ever done. Not just because my handsomest boyfriend was in the video, but because how much more depth my Advanced Selfies have just by including another person. The difference in storytelling capability having two people has blown me away.

And knowing that thanks to my crazy weird concept of Advanced Selfies I now have these STUNNING photographs together…I’m over the moon. These photos I gladly have on my screensavers because it represents love and it fills me with joy.

I hope this video inspires you to take some great photos with your loved one. Just as I mention at the end of the video, don’t force it. Have fun with it. It’s all about having fun.

If you want to know how to take these incredibly Advanced Selfies either just for yourself or with your partner, do check out my University:

It may seem a little strange and vain, but honey…Advanced Selfies will literally change your life. Watch the video on the University launch page to understand this more.

I hope you enjoyed this video!

Which photograph was your favourite?

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MY MUSIC (Great for YouTubers) –
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Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

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42 Replies to “COUPLES ADVANCED SELFIES: 7 Easy Partner Posing Ideas For Stunning Relationship Photos”

  1. Tammy Balint

    All jokes aside, your a beautiful couple and the bath tub shots were the best I think, and the kiss was sweet☺

  2. Chris Wicklas

    The twin moons of Tatooine… Yes! Sounds like you guys need a movie night to bring you up to speed. 😉

  3. Laura Licata

    Oh my gosh this was adorable!! And your boyfriend gets MAJOR points for the star wars reference at the end!

  4. Melancholy Heart

    Hello, New Subscriber here! Your work inspires me to improve on my photography using my phone, I love your Spirit, and you and your love look so Custom Made for each other! I can’t wait to try out new techniques.😎😌🍂🦋🌻🌖💐🤘🏽🤘🏽

  5. Sharon Cullen Art

    You two are so cute together. And yes Sorelle is right, you are photogenic! You both are. You could both be terrific models. Oh and I am just so curious to know what state yo are in, if you are in the Us and if not, whatever country you are in. I can’t even imagine living in a desert like that. i am used to lots of green in Michigan.

  6. CrowSong Lodge

    The desert you're in looks SO MUCH like southern Arizona (I just moved away from there) that it's a trip! If I didn't know better, I'd swear that was Casa Grande.


    now after watching backwards and seeing older videos, this is cool to see how much happier you seem to be with leon around haha. goals.

  8. Holly Deeann

    He made a star wars reference, and not only star wars but obi -wan kenobi reference….you must marry him immediately!!!!!! (i mean like if marriage is your thing)

    Always enjoy the advanced selfie videos. You are seriously so creative and inspiring. This couples one is awesome!

  9. Kizzabell

    I wish the Advanced Selfie University had a free trial, like the first lesson free, to see if I like the format and stuff.

  10. Nelly P

    Cute couple. Your Boyfriend is handsome and funny, kinda reminds me Ryan Gosling. And those picture are fire girl, look so editorial. Love it!

  11. Dr Bitchcraft

    I really loved the last photo of you to just holding hands and standing there like two gingerbread men in dim outdoor lighting. Gonna do this with my boyfriend definitely

  12. Sica

    Out of everything, what made him the best was the nerdy star wars reference at the end haha gotta love them nerdy boys <3

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