Hot Air Balloon Ride Turkey + Pamukkale Thermal Pools | Turkey Vlog | Travel Talk Tours #3

We finally got to take a hot air balloon ride in Turkey! In this travel vlog we’re also at Pamukkale thermal pools with Travel Talk Tours and…⬇ More Below ✈ Our 220 page guide on how to travel non-stop —

What more could we want – a hot air balloon ride and Pamukkale hot thermal pools in one day! A hot air balloon ride in Turkey has been on our bucket list forever. We’re on a Travel Talk Tour around Turkey and in our last travel vlog from Cappadocia we were sad that we didn’t get the chance to go on the hot air balloon because of weather… in this vlog that changed!

It was lucky for us that Travel Talk have a back up option in Pamukkale, before the thermal pools, if the hot air balloons are cancelled in Cappdocia – which seems to be pretty common at this time of year.

After waiting so long to take a hot air balloon ride, was it worth the wait to do it in Turkey? Hell to the yeah it was! It would have been that bit more special in Cappadocia, but Pamukkale made for a special place as well.

Here’s the trip we’re taking with Travel Talk Tours around Turkey for 11 days —

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Disclaimer – This trip was made possible by Travel Talk Tours, but as always our opinions and experiences are genuine and our own.

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23 Replies to “Hot Air Balloon Ride Turkey + Pamukkale Thermal Pools | Turkey Vlog | Travel Talk Tours #3”

  1. PapermanTR

    Altough i live in Turkey i've never done any of the things u do but seeing u guys enjoy the things that is in this country without all the bullsht makes me happy man. You guys are awesome idk if u are together or not but love wathin u guys. Enjoy all your trips in here alltough it might seem dangerous in this country time to time there are some unique experiences u can get. And im happy that u are going for it. Keep the good work up and have a nice trip all around ^^

  2. Josh Ruwhiu

    Great video guys thanks for sharing! I was surprised to hear that the terraces were a mix of cold and hot! This was the part i was most excited to see in this series! But it looks to be a little over rated!!! It still looks nice though! I shall dream that there is another place similar that might be a killer secret spot 😁😁

  3. Lynn Brunn

    So glad you were able experience Hot Air Ballooning after all! The view from above and your camera work was amazing. I’m glad you had a memorable time. Safe travels and on to the next adventure!

  4. Iam Green

    I went to Pamukkale ten years ago and I loved it! It was near the end of May so it wasn't that cold and my son and I had a dip in the thermal pools, a relief when you're out in the scorching sun!

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