Living in New York City: THIS is the MOST EXPENSIVE Neighborhood in NYC. We tour the NYC neighborhood with the most Billionaires! Learn more about VARIDESK by visiting

verIn this New York City travel guide I give you a tour of Tribeca. Where to eat, what to do, and even a tour of a luxury apartment in the area!

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Filmed, Edited and Produced By Erik Conover LLC, NYC 2019

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50 Replies to “THIS is the MOST EXPENSIVE Neighborhood in NEW YORK CITY”

  1. Matilda Martin

    I live here and New York City has so much to offer especially if you have the big bucks or no bucks it's an exciting electric City !!!!!******next neighborhood the Lower East side !!!!!

  2. Lifespam

    lol i saw this skybridge listing at zillow and laughed at the layout… like i have to cross the bridge to get to the kitchen…. but i like to be nood too lolol

  3. Angie Maniapoto

    hi erik..

    my dream was to one day get to travel to NewYork but that's it a dream.>>But watching ur videos it's like I'm here already ❤😊ur videos are amazing love them.>Thank you so much ❤

  4. Samuel

    This feels like a very nice series. Would love to see more apartment tours aswell. And also, your video quality is amazing, feels like a high end TV-show

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