A Letter To My Younger Self | Monica Church

The Advice I’d tell my younger teenage self
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Hey I am Monica Church a 19 year old girl who loves makeup, fashion, beauty, and film! Put those all together and you have “hairodynamic”. On this channel I create hauls, tutorials, lookbooks, outfit ideas, back to school, and DIY videos- check them out! Todays video is a letter to my younger self, what I would tell the younger me who was just about to go into high school. A lot has changed since then, and I have a lot of advice I’d love to give myself for that time! I hope you enjoy this video and that it can help you guys! #UseYourAnd

ftc: this video is sponsored by gillette venus. All opinions are 100% my own.

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25 Replies to “A Letter To My Younger Self | Monica Church”

  1. Molly Todd

    Dear Molly,
    As you get older you will get better at dance and you will get more inspired. They will be happy times and tough times but you'll get through them. You also decide to start a YouTube channel and get 194 suscribers!🙂 there's a lot more to tell you but I'll let you figure that out yourself💗

    Yours sincerely, Molly😋

  2. Macy Akins

    Please make. more videos like this. This is so inspiring and I have watched this so many times when ever I need inspiration. Please make more videos & respond to me. It will make my day. You are so pretty btw

  3. • briiixlopez •

    Dear younger self,

    stop watching youtube damnit!!! start studying for your test and do your homework

    Sincerely, yourself💕

  4. Chloe Jane

    I would tell myself that life gets tough and sometimes you lose the people you love, it sucks at first and yeah it will mess you up in the head a little. The anxiety, the depression. It will go away, it may seem hard at the point in time but in a few more years you'll look back and thing 'wow I have come so far'. Because I have.

  5. Art Dreams Animation Studios

    This is absolutely beautiful Monica! I love the shots. I got to say this so inspiring .You know… I am a former Australian Basketball player who represented Australia in Deaf Olympics and I've been giving advice to alot of teen anyway keep up the great work Monica!! 🙂

  6. feliroy

    I'm still fairly young but I'd like myself to understand this thing: I don't need to look like the girls in the magazine or even the kardashians with they're giant asses. I don't need a booty to feel like boys want me. I should feel good I'm my body and not worry about my weight.if It's only a number that brings me down. I shouldn't let myself think that I'm not beautiful the way I already am and that I don't need to change a thing because The world could change its heart. (Alessia Cara sentence here)😣❤️

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