Van Life – Young Woman Living in a Van as Full-Time Tiny Home

Clarissa has been living full-time in her retro 80’s camper van for 2 years and she’s giving us a full tour of her van, and telling us what she loves and struggles with while living in such a small, mobile home.

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Clarissa is currently living in a 1983 Dodge Ram Roadtrek II that she bought for $5,000 CAD.

It has a propane furnace, stovetop and fridge, and she has an auxiliary battery that powers her lights, furnace fan, and water pump. There’s also a porta potti toilet in the closet but there is no shower on board.

After a few months of traveling in her van across Canada, Clarissa had to settle down in one place to get a job and so she’s currently working two jobs on the West Coast of Canada and she travels on weekends and whenever she has some extra free time.

While living in a van isn’t currently helping her save money because she eats out & goes out quite a bit, she admits that it would be easy to do for someone who has that kind of goal.

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22 Replies to “Van Life – Young Woman Living in a Van as Full-Time Tiny Home”

  1. C Q

    You are hot! Would be fun to travel with you and share the excitement of travel. Thank you for sharing. Hope you have a happy life.

  2. Steve Heuser

    Good job. Keep it running
    My bus is now Static. Haaa. But brakes are important. Get a top off charger. 10bucks. And a little 12v solar panel. 12 bucks. And a wee wind mill.
    And spend the winter. South. Like Michigan. Haa.

  3. Charlie Wallace

    What a delightful young woman! With an absolutely gorgeous smile! I love that she's so happy with her van life, and not fazed by the little problems that come up. Got to wish her all the best in life to come. Thanks for this wonderful video!

  4. jochen peiper

    fun video, i have restored and lived aboard 2 classic sail and 1 classic motor yacht for the last 18 yrs. plus multible classic euro sports cars, i am a master painter and body man, also hard core surfer, fisherman and HOTRODDER, i trade my mechanic cronic when i need his expertise, recently got 6 yr. old 40 ft. motor coach for half of new price, yachts, cars and coach were all debt free but yacht club slip rental and now beach front rv resort are quite expensive, but super FUN, cheers from PADRE ISLAND TX.

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