I Moved to Mexico!

It has already been a month since I randomly moved to Guadalajara, Mexico. I love the city and am constantly discovering new parts of it to explore. This video shows what exploring I’ve been up to since I moved here!

guest starring – Livio

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22 Replies to “I Moved to Mexico!”

  1. Autumn Cecil

    Hey i know this video was posted a while ago but I'm just wondering if you worked at all in Mexico?? Im moving to Mexico City soon and wondering how the average expat makes a living.

  2. Cuauthemoc Magana

    Whooa, how can you afford all this traveling, If you don't mind me asking?.

    Where are you from originally?

  3. Alex C.

    I'm from Chicago n what u see I could only wish cause all we see here in the real city is tragedy n killings left n right

  4. Meyer Abogados

    Welcome to mexico i hope you like it and meet a lot of people , you should visit a lot of places and other states here.

  5. Eloy Antonio roa sanchez

    I am not Mexican but I love the Mexican corona, dos xx, modelo beer. Also I give to the Mexicans, they are very festive, they love dancing parties.
    Antonio, the 18 wheeler

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