Sri Lanka SAFE to travel?? – Foreigners honest opinions

As I’m currently traveling around Sri Lanka after the Easter Sunday attacks, many people have been asking if it is dangerous or safe to travel in Sri Lanka right now.

In this video, I share my honest opinions about what it’s like to travel in Sri Lanka and the state of tourism in Sri Lanka. I interview other foreigners and share their feedback answering the question: Is it safe to travel in Sri Lanka?

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I’ll soon be sharing an exciting video series about what it’s like to travel in Sri Lanka filled with tips and tricks and local insight.

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46 Replies to “Sri Lanka SAFE to travel?? – Foreigners honest opinions”

  1. Ryan P

    Looks like you were sponsored by the Shri Lankan tourist authority. Dont make it so obvious. HOW CAN YOU SIT THERE AND EMPHASIZE HOW SAFE IT IS WHEN THERE WERE RECENT ATTACKS AND DOZENS OF PEOPLE GOT KILLED ??? Come right NOW, Now now….its cheeep, and its your best chances of being killed !!! com on…. Be real. Why should anyone leave THE REST OF THE WORLD…and put themselves at real risk ???

  2. Marius Srikantha

    Yes safe until u get blown up! The 250 who went to church & the other 50 tourist also thought that way. but the government who was informed in advance only took action to protect themselves, to be honest please DO NOT GET DECEIVED. The Govt only wants your $, not concerned about safety. The facts prove that. God bless SL.

  3. W. Sashi

    As a sri lankan I'm so much thankful for this video, the evidence shown to all tourists out there that Sri Lanka is a safe place to visit,
    And we are waiting to welcome you all to our country
    thank you❤

  4. Sampath Gamage

    Thank you so much. As a sri lankan im so glad and tears in my eyes with your lovely comments. Sri lanka is wonderful island. And will continue to be peaceful country in the world. Your trip to sri lanka would make smile to people who waiting for you.

  5. eddy7ronaldo

    People working at the top tiers for the most organised governments ever to exist on planet earth, who have dedicated their whole careers specialising in safety, security and terrorism, are strongly advising their citizens not to go – but let's listen to the dude who's sitting on a beach feeling safe because he saw some bags get checked at the airport. Unreal.

  6. davidsa da

    I am from Sri Lanka and I am from Batticaloa. Please feel free to visit any part of the country and it is very safe with lots of security. I am very sure that there wont be such crisis in future so plz come across

  7. Peter Kalu

    Yes it was a great country. Beautiful scenery, beautiful people but corruption is rife here. Please be careful when or if you go there right now. But it will be different in a year or so.

  8. Buddika Yomal

    Thank you so much for your lovely words, that’s telling about the situation to others, after huge destruction. this is a big help for our country, and I have no words to give you thank, please come and enjoy. You always welcome to srilanka.
    Thank you so much once again 🙏🙏
    I’m srilankan.

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