MOBILE PHONE PHOTOGRAPHY: Confidence in Front Of The Camera (Self-Portrait)

MOBILE PHONE PHOTOGRAPHY: Confidence in Front Of The Camera (Self-Portrait)

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For all of you incredible creatives out there who might think that your success is limited by the equipment you have, DO NOT WORRY! As you know, I love to base a lot of my creative energy in a minimalistic approach, and that extends to the tools I use as well.

I’ve partnered with Samsung (AHHHHHH!!!!) to create a video #withGalaxy showing you that all you need for an authentic and powerful photo is killer confidence and your phone.

And of course, click here to see my episode of /make that I am SO PROUD OF: #TeamGalaxy

The beauty of using the front facing camera on the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is that your screen doubles as your monitor and helps you find your most confident and powerful looking pose in real time.

Experimentation is EVERYTHING! Adjust your face, position, angle, props, ANYTHING, and find what makes you feel your best. Be kind to yourself through it all! Finding your confidence is a process and you have to give yourself some grace as you go!

1. Fake It Till You Make It
2. Pose Yourself But Relax Your Face
3. Don’t Look Away
4. Part Your Lips
5. Posture Is Everything
6. Roll Up Your Sleeves
7. Smile With Your Eyes
8. Avoid Zero Mouth Expression (Slight Smirk)
9. Chin Up
10. Own it

Take your phone and get shooting friends! And as always, make sure to tag me in all of your self-portrait!


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Thank you again Samsung for partnering with me on this video to promote the Galaxy S10+. It’s been a dream!

Tag me on Instagram with @SorelleAmore, #SorelleAmore and #AdvancedSelfies so I can have a look at your advanced selfies and drool at them.

I hope you enjoyed this video!

Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

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43 Replies to “MOBILE PHONE PHOTOGRAPHY: Confidence in Front Of The Camera (Self-Portrait)”

  1. Clu

    Congratulations on such big sponsor!! Amazing, I'm so happy for you!!! Also loved your video and the tips <3 thank you sooooo much!

  2. Mieluna

    sometimes tho some of tho "not confident" poses can work better with what you're trying to capture the mood of the shot to be so it really depends on what you want to say with your photos, experiment and see what works best for you

  3. Dress Up Mel

    As a solo traveller, your tips have helped me so much. I really try to forget about what everyone around me might think and just become 100% present in the moment and capture that beautiful location. ❤️

  4. Diana Schulz

    I have already seen the commercial that you shot (I guess it was a commercial…) when I was watching something else on YouTube this morning! I had to take a double take, since I was only waiting for the "ad" to finish to watch the video. Then I realized that you were in the ad! Congrats! I will watch the episode too! XOXOX

  5. Katja von Eiff

    Look into the camera is the most important tip. And making a lot of picture. Also smiling or showing emotion is important. Looking bored works only for catwalk or editorial shoots.

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