Last day in Southeast Asia after 8 months of travel – Bangkok Thailand travel vlog

It’s my last day in Southeast Asia, but the adventures are not over! Spending my last day in Bangkok was great, but I’m excited to be going home to visit my family and friends in New York.

It’s been an amazing journey and I’m excited to keep traveling and meeting more awesome people from all over the world. I’ll be in NY until Feb, then I’m off the Philippines with a one-way ticket again to go adventure more.

Here’s the podcast we recorded for Livin that Life:

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37 Replies to “Last day in Southeast Asia after 8 months of travel – Bangkok Thailand travel vlog”

  1. Omari Joseph

    Hello the hair out…(EDWARD SCISSOR HANDS)..Santa Clause in january..hahahaa…i think it would be so funny how you use the BUM GUM (BEND OVER THE BOWL) hahahahaha..POOP splatter every where…hahaha…would love to know what was your BET experience on all this..what about that girl you talked about in the previous vlog…see you in the next or follow up flight dude

  2. Mathieu Tallard

    8 months is a very long journey…..Next time , bring Viagra…it will motive you to do more adult activities !! Good luck with Philippines with the volcano and the rain…..and long hours on boats for island hoppings….

  3. Jamie Banks

    Bangkok looks so cool and a great place to end your 8 month journey. Glad you had a good time & excited to see your next adventures !

  4. Dylan Yeandle

    Hey Steve, love the channel mate! Can you please tell us what your plans are when you get home.. are you going back to the grind or is there another adventure planned?

  5. My Life As I know it! Desiree Roldan

    It'd be interesting to see the home life in N.Y.C Steve yalo. Look forward to the notifications. As always safe travels!

  6. AAA W

    I am sure the next Adventure gona be big my friend, I looked to your Facebook page, just I want you to use Facebook Ads in small budget and target the right ppl to grow your page likes and followers in the right way, your page should grow quickly then promote your YouTube channel videos on Facebook page to grow your YouTube channel also you should target the right ppl for your content not just random ppl, want my help I am here.

  7. Destination Asia

    cool vlog , i made my first video clip about 3 most popular temples in Bangkok , if you want to see and tell me what you thing about , i wll put one video a week in 2018

  8. vunderground1

    I wouldn't have a cannabis leaf on my travel laptop as it's bound to arouse suspicion amongst border control officers and possibly lead to searches. Sometimes it's cooler to appear uncool imho 😉

  9. TechDepths

    Hard work bro, I just post my first long video on my channel, editing and try to make things quick, enjoying your videos, do you gona do another vlog from the home city?

  10. GetLostwithJohnny

    And im soon in Bangkok again 😀 Sad you have to leave but i guess this is a trip of a lifetime. Nice vlog as always Steve 🙂

  11. The Wander Life

    We’ve been travelling for 5 months now…another 7 to go in SE Asia and then on to Australia. Doing everything in our power to make sure that we never have to book that flight home haha

  12. Rohit _rj

    Hi Steve….this is Rohit from India
    I am super agree with u….washing ur butt with water….
    In India people normally wash with water …in fact they use their hand also with water….it is more cleaner than toilet paper….
    This is first time I have heard that a foreigners like a westerners is talking abt this stuff….great job man….really love ur video and ur voice

  13. german411

    Wish they had the digital Nomad when I was Young back in 1970,what a great life to travel,had to wait until I was 55 yr's old to retire to Thailand in 2001.Good luck to You.

  14. Tony Lucas

    Just discovered your channel. Quite interesting.
    Will be in Bangkok in March, but not for the first time.
    One problem with those toilet butt guns, you get a wet bum. Guess you could stick it in the hand dryer. Just a thought.
    Best of luck in your next adventure.

  15. Guido DeMaio

    It will take you about 26 hours counting layovers to fly back to New York JFK, been there done that but I had to continue on to Florida

  16. Raleigh Capozzalo

    There is nothing worse than an ignorant white dude who exoticizes southeast Asia and has no respect for the local culture. Everything this fool does is exactly what 99 percent of idiot tourists do–its travel FOR tourists, it doesnt give you an accurate depiction of what life in this amazing city is like. Why go to the hangover bar? Why go to a ping pong show? All of this is stuff that exists only to make money off tourists. WHY are you eating scorpions in Bangkok? Thai people DONT eat scorpions, thats for foolish tourists. Why not try to show us an aspect of the local culture and what local people eat on a regular basis? WHY are you wearing a tanktop in your Bangkok videos? Were you so insensitive as to not even google that showing that much skin is disrespectful to the Thai culture. And then the full moon party? You are really a fool. People actually interested in learning about the local culture of a place, check out Mark Wiens' travel videos. He makes this guy look like a caveman. Rant over.

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