Welcome to the INSANELY blue water right off the coast of Romblon Philippines. We visited Cobrador Island and few other islands nearby.

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Yesterday’s video – Where is Laura?

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Nov, 2017

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  1. Lost LeBlanc

    You are not going to believe the amazing cinematic craziness of the next video. Now to find a way to upload it here haha..
    Yesterday's video: Perfect Beach (Where's Laura?)

  2. Hassanal Miñao

    Hello Christian! What drone can you suggest me for a beginner and soon to be blogger? Affordable one. 🙂

  3. nthnydpz

    Thanks Man . Im enjoying every videos about the philppines . cuz im from the philippines now i realize how beautiful it is 🙂 thanks bro keep it up

  4. Paola Hinlo

    It's 2am and i still cant stop watching ur vids. Im from the philippines but i never new romblon have this paradise.. 😍

  5. John Dillon

    Love the video! I'm a Producer at National Geographic Adventure and we would to use some of these clips on our Facebook page. Can you email me at for more info?

  6. Bitch English

    Christian looks like a very good boy, a seminarian, who went on a holiday… That is why the video is so exciting. I'm just jealous, I have yet to go to ROMBLON…. but I have been to EL NIDO, and yeah, I wanted to prove that your top 10 is so not right. But I am wrong. Damn it, EL NIDO is awesome. I still not a fan. But yes, you sold EL NIDO. I didnt see much… but I saw what I want in a beach and I'd be back… YoU took BOra off your latest TOP 10 list… I saw it on my newsfeed. well, it is your list… But a top 10 without Boracay, hmmm…. seriously… Boracay is still queen of them all…. I just hate how there not too many dorm rooms there.

  7. harveyboy45

    Whoah Christian yous a bit lobster this time. Don't forget yous a white boy. Where a hat n factor fifty. Haha

  8. Heyitschristian

    Leblanc, i just made a vlog about how beautiful romblon is, check it on my youtube channel please. hope you'll like it

  9. rox crisolo

    U have that chill ambiance in ur videos that makes me wanna watch more.. i love it.. 😭❤️🇵🇭

  10. kiir ambrozii

    Christian! U might want to visit the southern most tip of palawan. Much remote and bluer than Elnido! The real maldives of the PH! 🇵🇭

  11. marcocigar21

    Ayos ka PILIPINAS!!! akong Filipino hindi makapunta sa mga lugar na yan!!! bakit? sa mahal ng transportation expenses!!! hay Pinas….galing mo!!! bwahahahah!

  12. LH.2019 TM

    I tell you guys that little blue house in the intro, was my parents house… he checked in Marlin Bar .. which is now closed.. He is walking in the intro part at another resort.. which was my gradpa's resort. hehe just sharing.. heheh Cool vid. been there in cobrador.. for many times.. my grandpa also do service to there … its sure is a good place theres a cave at the back of the island not that big but its cool to take pictures there..

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