AMAZiNG SUNSET | Victoria Peak | Hong Kong

Location: Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

Victoria Peak offers the best views of Hong Kong harbor! If you want to make sure you get the best views of Hong Kong, head to Victoria about a 2 hours before sunset. That will give you time to get up the mountain to enjoy the sunset as well as the neon lights lights of Hong Kong harbor that light up after dark!

There are several ways to get to the top of Victoria Peak. You can hike (up a TON of stairs), you can ride a local bus to the top, or you can take the peak tram. The Peak Tram is the most expensive way to get to the top of the mountain, but it’s also the most expensive! We took the local bus to the top of Victoria, and we really enjoyed the views of Hong Kong Island on the way the to the top.

This sunset was actually captured from the Mcdonalds that’s inside the mall on top of the Peak, and the views from the Harbor were captured from the Lion’s Pavilion.

If you want to know what it’s like to watch the sunset from the top of Victoria Peak in Hong Kong check out this VLOG!

We’d like to say thanks to Yellow Productions for the inspiring video – The Peak Hong Kong Travel Guide –

We also have to give thanks to Samuel & Audery and their inspiring video – Peak Tram Ride along with stunning views of Hong Kong Island and Victoria Harbor from The Peak (太平山) –

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49 Replies to “AMAZiNG SUNSET | Victoria Peak | Hong Kong”

  1. peko

    if you really like that onion bun, I hope you got the chance to try the pepper scallion pork buns/Hujiao bing in Taiwan. Nice sunset

  2. Laura Bartlett

    Wow, the world really is a small. The cruise ship was a Semester at Sea ship and it had another youtuber that I followed on it. Funny that you were both there at the same time.

  3. Naturally Mermaid

    You guys may know this by now, but you don't have to wait for Processing to complete when uploading videos. The only part you need to be connected for is the uploading…the processing part is done by youtube. 🙂

  4. bobby george

    The music playing in the Chi Lin nunnery is exactly the same as it was in 2004….a nun sells it on cd there and I bought one from her….great to see it again…they built that whole structure without using one nail….great stuff

  5. Runway Mari

    How do you pay for credit in China? I'm hoping to get a VPN for our trip in oct but I can't figure out how they work. I've also been told that VPNs use crazy amounts of data. It would be amazing (if you reply to comments) if you could let me know or even make a video about it if it's a common question 🙂 I love your vlogs, cheers!

  6. fangfour

    10:00 Seems the girl on the right is giving you the 'long nose'. Basically a middle finger to white foreigners. She must be a Chinese nationalists and not a native from Hong Kong.

  7. Jim Green

    How were you able to hire the Chipmunks to sing on your vlog? You have so many connections! LOL
    It appears you never got to some of the pretty, rural islands south of Hong Kong Island which I also missed in '87. I didn't learn about them until a few years ago when I bought a Lonely Planet China book. Boo hoo!

  8. FireCracker3240

    I can understand your obsession with the pork buns. While I've never been outside the US (yet..), I once had baked pork buns (Char Siu Bao) from a street truck, and they were so delicious that I've wanted more since. I even tried replicating it at home, but I'm just too non-ethnic to make that work. ;-p

  9. Jac Doff

    there's a hiking trail that starts from hong kong uni up to the top. i used to do it when i was in high school. no its not a dirt trail it is paved but apart from that its pretty alright.

  10. yuckyool

    Starting to really love these vlog's (so many reasons). In the last two video's, I can see why Hong Kong became a world financial center over the past 40 years; so many people, working so hard. British rule-of-law and banking + Chinese industriousness and ability to work together so well.. I hope the special aspect of Hong Kong's freedom's is never lost!

  11. XiakoU2

    So guys, here's my story with you… I was watching a "Top 10 most longest Trains" video and they talked about the Transiberian Train. I was curious, so I searched for more videos about the transiberian train, and.. There was a video about a couple taking the transiberian train, eating dry food, smiling all the time… lovely couple… I started to wathc every video of the transiberian journey.. and now here I am.. started yesterday to watch from Vlog 1.. Damn.. I LOVE your videos so much Kara and Nate!! Thank you!! It's a pleasure to travel with you!!

  12. Laurie Uebbing

    Please tell me you are eventually leaving Hong Kong soon! I hear Ireland is pretty this time of year! Yeah! And no sushi, no prawns, no sea life, real food! Steak, potatoes! I'm losing weight watching you eat all this seafood!

  13. Bumbling Tourist

    We've been watching your videos for so long, but we just went back and watched the OG videos. We realized that we were in Hong Kong on our honeymoon on the same days as you. Trying to film our first vlog then too….but clearly you've had a bit more success! haaaa.

  14. CraftyEeyoreLover

    Those were both beautiful time lapses!! Thank you!! I been a follower for a bit and watching random videos but last night i decided to start at the beginning. I been binge watching all night!! Love you vlog!! Thank you for sharing your travels with us!!

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