World First Hotel Concept — HOMETEL | Exploring Southampton & Accommodation Tour

We were looking for Southampton accommodation and came across Room2, a hometel style hotel in Southampton and… ✈ Our 220 page guide on how to travel non-stop —

Southampton hotels are in pretty high demand as people travel to the cruise port and stay, so we did a lot of research on the best accommodation options in this part of England. Room2 is the site we kept coming back to, it’s not a hotel, it’s not just accommodation, it’s the worlds first hometel… which sounded interesting!

We decided to travel to Southampton a few days earlier and scope out this new kind of accommodation option, we’re glad we gave it a try! If you’re looking for hotels in Southampton we can highly recommend you give Room2 a look:

↠ See the various rooms and pricing at Room2:
↠ Room 2 website:

There’s not a huge amount online when searching for what to do in Southampton, so we kept things local, at least after we finally pulled ourselves away from Room 2 haha. Bargate is one of the more common search results and the history in this part of the UK comes up often also – all worthy of a little travel day to explore.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Room2 for allowing us to share this spot with you. As always, the opinions we share are our own and this hotel / hometel genuinely hits the spot for the type of Airbnb or accommodation we search for everywhere.

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26 Replies to “World First Hotel Concept — HOMETEL | Exploring Southampton & Accommodation Tour”

  1. J. James

    What a wonderful "Hometel", love it.
    You sure had a beautiful English day, rare 😉
    Southampton looks well worth visiting.
    Great share.
    Best, James and Kim

  2. Ross and Bek

    I am right there with you on the dishwasher being a lifesaver! We're so used to having one that it's a pain to go without it! Looks like a fantastic accommodation option 👍😊

  3. sflxn

    Love your vlogs, but I have one question. Doesn’t it get tiring with all this traveling. I did a lot of it when I was young, but now i can’t see myself doing it now.

  4. Jamie Grace

    Hope you have enjoyed Southampton. I live here and it’s a nice City, especially the West Quay shopping centre that you explored in the last vlog and I’m glad you visited The Dancing Man. Such a lovely pub, bit on the pricey side but really nice to visit and sit outside. It gets packed in the evenings when the sun is out. Enjoy the cruise guys! Also a few things I didn’t even know about Southampton despite living here, thanks for sharing.

  5. Merrilie Sarah Gibbs

    I live and work in Southampton and I'm so used to just thinking of it as a shithole, its funny seeing someone's perspective who has never been here. We do get huge cruise ships in like The Independence of The Seas and The Navigator, however whenever I see them on my way to work, i know works going to be mental 😂

  6. Psychphüq

    Noice choice for accommodation… 🙂
    Love getting apartments that feel homey but also some touches of a hotel… 🙂

    What surprise, Dane & Stacey in a pub / brewhouse… 😛
    (gotta have that liquid bread)

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