The Road to Swat / PAKISTAN

Crawling through dusty, dark ancient ruins with bats flying at my head? Random dance parties by the side of the road? Gorgeous views? Sounds perfect to me.


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22 Replies to “The Road to Swat / PAKISTAN”

  1. RK Y

    Amazing places and an amazing personality… this is my home town. I live in UK but u made my day vloging it so beautifully … keep exploring Pakistan and i will love to follow ur Vlogs. Stay blessed. wishing u best of luck

  2. Hazza Brown

    I've been trying to watch this video since yesterday, I finally somehow made time after midnight to watch it and loved every second of it. And I have to be up at 5am lol lovely video enjoyed

  3. Planes & Planes

    9:04 I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. I've been to SWAT twice in my life, in 1999 and in 2003. It's absolutely true, camera can not capture the beauty of this beautiful beautiful beautiful place. It's just too beautiful for the camera to handle.
    In 2003, one of the local families invited us to go to Matiltan with them, a glacier about one hour from Kalam. And omg I can't tell you how beautiful the way was let alone the destination.
    On the way there was this place called Behrain (sorry if I misspelt the name), when we're driving through it, there was this water fall flowing right under the street. I had to stop there. And then there were these small little restaurants where we had Chai and what I saw next just blew my mind. There was this beautiful narrow, wooden suspension bridge that went across the narrow but super fast flowing river swat with it's clean water rushing through the lush green valley with hotels on the left and mountains on the right, on a cloudy day (I love cloudy days). OMG I couldn't have imagined such a place in my entire life. I was stunned by the beauty this place had to offer. Not even fairy tales have a place like this. Aaah I feel like everyone in the world should see that place. OMG their perspective on life will change. I don't think any camera can picture it, I don't think any words can describe it. The only way you can know what's it like to be there is by being there. And this was just the first one I saw that I'll never forget. There were so many more. So so so so many.
    By the way those places are also part of SWAT. Where you went is Mingora, and White palace is in Saidu Sharif. Both are twin cities and like a capital of Swat. Hopefully you also go to, Behrain, Kalam, Ushu and Matiltan.

    And thank you for the extremely high quality videos. 👍❤️ May you have more subscribers than Pewdiepie and T-Series combined !

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