PARIS TO DUBLIN! 5 modes of transportation

We took the most inefficient route from Paris, France to Dublin, Ireland including 2 buses, a train, a plane, and a rental car! It took us 16 hours, but it was a great travel day! // We get all of our good vlogging music from Epidemic – get your free trial through our link!



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Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, we got married June 2013 and quickly caught the travel bug! We started traveling full-time January 10, 2016. While daily vlogging was not the original plan, we were having way too many cool experiences not to share every single day! Now travel vlogging is our full-time gig and we feel like we have the greatest job in the world! We are incredibly thankful to do something we love every day. 🙂

We’ve pulled inspiration from several of our favorite travel vloggers on YouTube, such as: +CaseyNeistat +FunForLouis +Jon Olsson +Mr Ben Brown , and any other talented travel vloggers that YouTube’s algorithm will hopefully connect us with 😉


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46 Replies to “PARIS TO DUBLIN! 5 modes of transportation”

  1. The Wandering Wife

    Loved this vlog! My husband and I just got back from two weeks in Ireland, and we also rented a car and drove around. We both hollered when we saw all the familiar places, even including the rental car lot at the airport! (Would love it if you watched some of my vids!)

  2. Chasing a Plate - Thomas & Sheena

    Such a great travel day guys. Love how you keep those smiles on the whole time! – Thomas and Sheena PS Aldi, Aldi, Aldi!! It's totally the best! 😀

  3. Nachito sanz

    I was going to ask 56 countries later…. we see the edited vlogs, but do you agree to disagree from time to time?! Safe travels and enjoy Ireland!

  4. Thomas Goodall

    Just a tip, don't eat r drink when driving in Southern Ireland or the U.K. It's Illegal and can get you 3 points on your licence.

  5. John Cruickshank

    Oops seat karma fairy sprinkling her dust for picking an A and a C seat on long flight hoping no one will pick B.

  6. Noelio Emerald-Isle

    It's been a while lads! Can't believe i'm watching this 3 weeks after ye have been here in Galway. I would have met up with ye and brought ye to Taaffes & Ti Coili's pubs down on Shop Street for some great Guinness. See ye stayed in Cregmore, Claregalway….my cousin owns Cregmore Golf Club, ye could have done a few rounds! Just back from a wedding in Edinburgh, flew from Dublin cos it's cheaper than Shannon….Ryanair…34 Euro return…can't go wrong with that. Off to South Korea & the Philippines late October….a lot cheaper than Ireland anyways, then Vietnam & Cambodia after Christmas… for 'Nam might be tricky though. I remember watching you're vid in Halong Bay near Hanoi, so i'll keep that boat company in mind. There are so many new routes with different airlines out of Dublin now to the States, it's hard to keep up….prices have come down bigtime…….next thing you know, there'll be a Delta route to Memphis TN! Congrats on yer 56th Country……i'm actually in a quandary with my own count, met different travellers abroad the last while, and we all have a different take on the subject…for example, I count being to Northern Ireland, England, Scotland & Wales (The UK)…as having being to one Country, some other folks don't…they count that as having been to 4 Countries. Another guy was counting Vatican City as a Country….because kinda technically it is, with a seat at the UN. Then you have other people counting San Marino, Monaco, Gibraltar, Taiwan etc… my conservative count, i'm at 39……..if I hadn't been Stateside 53 times (girlfriends, friends, functions etc), that count would be a lot bigger now, but i'll pass that 120 mark by my 50th birthday hopefully……Question is: Will we ever really stop? 🙂

  7. Cyrus Kahn

    So I have a Citi diamond credit card and going to Canada for 5 days, they said they cover all over the world car insurance, so basically I need a letter from them after I confirm my car reservation through online or before? Let me know

  8. Anne Strasko

    "Left side, left side." Haha! My husband and I drove around the English countryside a couple of summers ago, and I said that out loud every time I had to make a turn!

  9. MammaBear

    Kara, please stop putting your feet on the dash. Id you know that if you were (God forbid) to be in an accident, with your feet up there, you would probably break your pelvis?

  10. Sirenna Palici

    @3:41 "Ladies & Gentlemen you are very welcome aboard this flight #### with the destination Barbados …. YOU WISH!" LOL

  11. Psychphuq

    I too have chosen a longer way to get between 2 places… Instead of ~$450 to fly HEL to TXL with Lufthansa (direct flight), I chose $178 to fly SAS from HEL to OSL with 5.5 hour layover (with lounge access) before OSL to TXL… Long day but worth the saving…

  12. Kristi Kulis

    I have to agree with you!! Ireland folks are the nicest people! I spent 10 days there and loved every minute of it. Would go back in a a heartbeat!

  13. Jim Green

    I just checked in my National Geographic World Atlas. You were on Greenwich Mean Time in Ireland, which also includes the UK and Portugal. Most of the rest of western Europe is an hour behind.

  14. Jim Green

    Your AirBnB hostess had an Irish accent? Who'da thought?? LOL Truth be told, she probably thought you 2 have the cutest American accents. ; ))

  15. Carla Boyd

    Love your videos! Come to Newfoundland, Canada! Just make sure its the summer….east coast Canada would love to have you!

  16. Johnny847

    Hi Kara & Nate, don't if you look at these comments. You should get a Chase Sapphire card, Preferred or Reserve. Both include primary insurance, which is considered full insurance. You never have to report anything to your insurance company, like you would with the Citi Thank You Prestige or Premier. They also cover Ireland.

  17. gangotri dey

    8 years back I landed in Ireland to do my Ph.D. I felt the immigration officer to the policeman in the airport was so happy to see me there as if they knew me from somewhere. I lived in the country for next 4 years to complete my degree. I miss it. Now I live in NJ, USA

  18. Irish Boy6

    That’s Ireland for ya it’s a beautiful when the weather is grand but the weather is so unpredictable some times
    Like if you know what I mean

  19. Andi Jones

    OMG!! I didn't know phone-charging suitcases were a thing!!!!! That's amazing! Genius idea!!! I want one!!

  20. Suzie Wratten

    I had to laugh, I'm English and used to driving on the left but we went to Ireland and had a hire car and it was a manual, I've driven an automatic for years. I jerked us out of the airport, lol, we were staying in a cottage that was in the middle of nowhere down a narrow country lane got lost 3 times and ended up having to knock on a persons door to ask the way, by this time it was dark and a lot of the lanes didn't have lighting, I was surprised the people whose door we knocked on answered us but they did and drew us a map, everyone was lovely and helpful, eventually found our cottage and had a wonderful holiday there 😁

  21. Suzi Clark

    I know this comment is a year late, but omg this video makes me miss Ireland! Genuinely some of the friendliest, most welcoming people I've ever met were in Ireland. And their accents are my favorite in the English-speaking world.

  22. Blank CHeeZтм

    Omg I laughed when you said I hope there’s no roundabouts like Ireland has a roundabout every 5 minutes

  23. qemdrive

    Way back in 2001 (in days of old when knights were bold), I took a Greyhound bus round-trip from Pittsburgh to Atlanta. On one of the return legs, I got the very last seat next to a very large man. Being a large man myself, I basically had one butt cheek on the seat.

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