The WORST Things About Being A Girl in FALL

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Michael Hoanshelt & Eric Berger for helping film this video.

Michael is a cinematographer in the Washington area
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Ig @ericwberger
Eric is a writer/director in the Washington area

In the past I have touched on the struggles of being a girl with my series of The 7 Worst Things Of Being A Girl, and the worst things about being a girl during the holidays, haircuts, and spring break. Since we have just entered fall I thought it would be fun to talk about the worst things about being a girl during fall! From pumpkin spice lattes, halloween costume fails, dressing for the weather, eating too much candy, and makeup no longer matching your skin tone.

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25 Replies to “The WORST Things About Being A Girl in FALL”

  1. Sav Marie

    Omg…you know during fall when you are on a hay ride and you wear leggings, I have hay stuck in my leggings for weeks poking me and it’s SO ITCHY

  2. Double Decker Danyel

    Another thing is when you spend all that time planning out your fall colours makeup and someone ruins your day and says , “more makeup I see”, when your on your period ,so you wash it off while you cry and scream at them at the same time, just me, ok.

  3. BV

    THANK YOU every time i go to starbucks in the autumn there is a freaking sale. I go up to the man/lady and this is what happens…
    Me: hi can i ha-

    Cashier: OH have you seen our new punpkin spice latte?!!

    Me: oh uhm no but can i please have a uhm ca-

    Cashier: you sure!!??

    IM freaking sure you mofo!!!

  4. Grace the night guard

    Her: that summer glow we had-
    Me: hunny…I never had a summer glow. My objective was to be pale and it still is.

  5. Maree Smith

    Monica and I have another thing in common……..the love for MJ….thriller at the start tho😍😍😍😍

  6. Kate is a Potato

    You dont ᕼᗩᐯe to be good at cooking when UR a women that's just what most women do… Ya know stay at home moms and stuff.. IDK when people say stuff like that it just annoys me… A LOT I wish j could explain every thing.. But I wont CUS I dont wan arguments

  7. Loony Hufflepuff

    I am SUCH A FEMINIST and it TICKS ME OFF when someone says, "Girls are good at cooking cgnf fymgsj." Just gegsjbdsnrsv

  8. Domino_Emery

    during the fall, wear a short sleeve shirt, no matter what, especially the early fall, at least where I am. Cos in the early fall, it is always hot in the afternoon.

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