Transforming My Wardrobe into ONLY Thrifted Clothes

I decided to “challenge” myself into transforming my wardrobe into only thrifted clothes and JUST wearing that. In this video you’ll come thrifting with me, thrift haul, and styled thrifted outfits.

~rules I made for this challenge~
1. allowed to shop at any 2nd hand store, to me the point of this video is being more sustainable, not JUST getting things at goodwill. However I did try and get as much as I could at goodwill.
2. allowed to wear my own shoes/accessories

This video seriously transformed my outlook on thrifting and second hand clothing. I went from being a germaphobe skeptic, to absolutely falling in love with my new clothes and donating some of my old stuff!

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35 Replies to “Transforming My Wardrobe into ONLY Thrifted Clothes”

  1. Agata Tomicka

    I've been thrifting since I was a kid cause my family always struggled with money but I'm so glad more people are noticing how great it is! You can find great stuff, help the planet & try out new trends without spending a ton of money!!

  2. FromEmmaYi

    Yes!! I love this video! I also feel like they’re some superstitions on shopping second hand. I’ve found amazing deals, but it takes time and dedication to find what you want. I love your videos 💞

  3. kiley

    as a kid i only ever wore second hand and in total have probably bought 25 pieces of new clothes EVER! it makes an impact and you get over it quickly:)

  4. Mack

    I work at a thrift store! Majority of the clothes we get are clean because they were just sitting in someone's closet. Gloves can be a safety precaution (especially if the thrift store sells furniture or other items besides clothes.) If clothes are super gross we don't put them out, so the gloves are because we are touching super gross stuff, not the customers.

  5. Katie J Riedinger

    I love thrifting and am addicted. The thrill of finding stuff that someone paid top dollar for for cheap is like a drug to me. I enjoyed your excitement of finding your groove in thrifting! Personally, I think Goodwill is overpriced and their CEO is paid an exhorbitent amount for being a non profit. I live in Houston and shop at Family Thrift chain and another smaller store called Value Village – better deals are there. Have fun!

  6. Aby Lamb

    Monica just a heads up Goodwill is actually kind of a trash company that does like nothing for the community etc. They just make money off of your merchandise you give them for free. I would recommend trying to find a salvation army, St Vinny's, or another second hand store that actually uses their profit for good and not just for the CEO.

  7. Jamie M

    i use apps like mercari depop and posh mark religiously!!!! you can get more specific with items you want like you would online shopping and selling your own clothes makes it easy. way cheaper and way better for the environment!!

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