Zero Waste Family Makes No Household Garbage for 3 Years!

Katelin started living a zero waste lifestyle with her family and also started the PAREdown Home blog with a friend to document their efforts to create less household garbage.

After 3 years living this super low waste lifestyle, Katelin shared some of the changes she’s made in her every day life to reduce her consumption of single use and disposable products.

She shops at a produce market that sells unpackages fruit and vegetables, she buys things like pasta and nuts, spices and oils at stores like the Karma Co-op in Toronto, and she makes things like toothpaste herself.

We hope you enjoy this video about the challenges and rewards of living a lifestyle that is in line with your values. Katelin has definitely inspired us to continue striving towards buying less plastic packaging, although we do find it challenging being on the road all the time.

Here’s how to stay in touch with Katelin and PAREdown Home:


The bulk store where Katelin is shopping during the video is the Karma Co-op in Toronto:

Thanks for watching!

Mat & Danielle


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28 Replies to “Zero Waste Family Makes No Household Garbage for 3 Years!”

  1. Louella Richardson

    i loved this but she said shekeeps bandaids in the jar and tobe honest thats unclean ,,,,,but still love this video

  2. Venus Gillespie

    Just going to put it out there, if you’re working towards zero waste but for whatever reason you still use garbage bags, the company biobags makes compostable (yes, really) trash bags. Great transition product!

  3. Shrishti Gupta

    U r an inspiration my dear to me I can't say anything about others what they thing but just like u I m also a nature lover it hurts me when I see humans have damaged a lot mother earth

  4. Golden_Wrench

    I'm 20, and single…I used to put out a black bag a week…now…I put a blue 32gallon recycle bin out once every 6 to weeks…and it's getting to be less and less…it's a little hard, but fun!

  5. TheNecrohazard

    I try my best to be as low waste as possible. It's very difficult when I don't have a bulk store to shop at nor stores close enough to walk to and consistent farmers markets. A lot of people use that as an excuse to then do nothing, but you can still do a lot – reusable straws; reusable water bottles; reusable shopping bags; composting; saving jars and using them instead of buying some fancy container at the store; etc… Maybe one day I'll live somewhere nearer to zero waste friendly places to shop.

  6. Coolschness

    She is definitely benefitting her children.  From living this way from an early age, they hopefully won't need to feel like buying something might give them joy.  They also will be trained to be less-impulsive, and better prepared.  Thinking about all the financial freedom these children will have is truly inspirational.

  7. Jessy. H

    I really love and admire this way of living but we are a one income (and its pretty low) with 3 kids. My partner needs his car for work and I walk or use the bus. We are also vegan and I find any kind of vegan substitute food is always packaged in mainly non recyclable plastic. There is even plastic inside of the tins we buy and frozen veg is cheaper and we don't waste any but it comes in bags. I just can't seem to avoid it because we couldn't even afford to shop in a trendy organic zero waste shop even if there was one in our city (UK) and I have food allergies that require my food to be packaged so I ration it out of guilt or go without which is depressing. Also I am now finding it tough with 2 out of our 3 kids at school and wanting trendy and always plastic toys for Xmas. We have always gotten eco and wooden gifts and kept things low key but I don't want them to feel like they missed out on being regular kids. It can be tough just being the only vegans in the school without never having the trendy toy. I can see why so many homeschool at least that way they are kind of shielded from trends and advertising

  8. Dovii Dalla

    How anyone could criticize someone else trying (and succeeding!) to do better is beyond me. I am so impressed by your achievements.

  9. Abdogames

    So inspiring. I'm the only one in my family going zero waste :((( I dont know how to get my family on board to this zero waste life.

  10. Summer Aughey

    Your family is amazing I'll never be able to do that I love food so much its like my live (Lol) so it would be hard for me. so yay your family is amazing. Your dog is so cute he's face is gorges. He looks really playful. I have a dog to he is only 2 years he is also a Coonhound he is like the size of your dog though.

  11. lilli

    The problem of garbage are cities I have a house in the countryside in Poland. Zero waste is the normality there. They produce their own food and they survived during the second world war.

  12. Lisa Boudreau

    You're so lucky to have a bulk store like that. I have 1 that is over 1 hour drive away and it's so expensive.

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