Sri Lanka After the Attacks 🇱🇰 Ep1: Colombo to Jaffna

Welcome to SRI LANKA!

With this series, I hope to show you what it’s REALLY like to travel in Sri Lanka.

Many people keep asking, “Is it safe to travel in Sri Lanka?” considering the recent events that took place on Easter, so I want to bring you along and give you an inside look.

In this episode, we start our adventure in Colombo and travel up to Jaffna.

I travel all around Sri Lanka for one month, so be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications to see the rest of this exciting series!

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33 Replies to “Sri Lanka After the Attacks 🇱🇰 Ep1: Colombo to Jaffna”

  1. SOX

    Have lived and worked in 4 Continents, now proudly working for a SriLankan Company…
    This country is amazingly unique and its People are the sweetest and most welcoming persons of the globe….nothing compares to this paradise on earth!!
    God bless SriLanka….

  2. BluffMaster84

    Sri Lanka is naturally beautiful country. Non like certain other rich countries who had invested to make their country look better. Very hospitable people you ever find in any country

  3. Malindu Pabasara

    Thank you very much for the support.. after the easter attack most of travellers are afraid to visit sri lanka. Your vlog will be a good support for the tourism industry in sri lanka. Thank you very much 😍❤️❤️❤️

  4. Freddie Viljoen

    We're wanting to go this Sept, but we hear travel insurance is unavailable. Hate that as we've been looking forward for a long time to see the place.
    Anyway i've subscribed and looking forward to the rest of your tour.

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