Best Way to See the Great Wall!

Poppy and I avoided the crowded, touristy areas of the wall and instead stayed with a local couple. Here, you can see the wall stretching into the distance for miles and miles and miles – with absolutely no one in sight – just me, Poppy, and our guide.
What an incredible experience! I hope that some of you guys can visit!

watch Poppy’s Great Wall video!

(not sponsored or paid or anything like that – this couple couldn’t even speak English – I just genuinely want them to get more business; they deserve it!)


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44 Replies to “Best Way to See the Great Wall!”

  1. Travellight

    I really hope that some of you guys can experience this amazing place as well. If you end up going, let me know – and send photos! I'd love to see! 😀
    P.S. People always ask me why / how I always hike in flip flops (slippers). I prefer hiking in the most flimsy shoes possible, because I want to feel as close as possible to being barefoot. I grew up running around in the woods barefoot as a kid, maybe that's where it comes from! I tried buying good hiking shoes once, and I fell three times on the hike and constantly felt off balance. I have never fallen in flip flops (knock on wood!) and like to be able to actually feel the surface I'm walking on. A downside is that my feet get scratched up sometimes, but I'd rather have scratches than feel unsure of my footing. So. There you have it – the most detailed conversation I have ever had about footwear. 😀

  2. Johnny Clean

    Hi Jordan pfft ! @2:29 A smiling, shameless, greedy charlaton (guy in blue) 😏

    Brazen fraudster has the ordasity to pretend hes a good man. 🤬

  3. Johnny Clean

    @4:50 "Weather is beautiful, the sky is blue" – just like your pretty eyes Jordan. 😊❤👍 thats not creepy right? 🤔😁

  4. Johnny Clean

    I like that this wall is not over-crowded, everytime I travel its like an army of people as far as your eyes can see.

    Just insane the amount of people at tourist spots.

    When I was younger everywhere we went was almost deserted now. Sigh.

    I hate seeing garbage everywhere I go and brainless people smoking and throwing their butts on the ground or dumping their garbage into the local canal.

    Everywhere I go some hawker trying to peddle me some shit that I dont want. Fucken junk trinkets or other shit. Lol sometimes they bark at you and demand a tip in a rude and aggressive manner. Sigh.

    At least this tour its NOT quite as aggressive.

    Thanjs Poppy and Jordan. Your both very sweet. 😊❤👍

  5. madmanjshum

    That lady guide is really fit. So close to so much history yet so far from the past. Thank you ladies you have brought the true perspective on how to see the great wall to reality.

  6. Robert Tan

    Careful guys. its a bit dangerous to climb the wild Wall. people fell down and did get killed because there were no chances to seek for help there.

  7. Yang Wang

    As a Chinese, I have went to Great Wall many times and took everything for granted. But quite moved by your video.

  8. TheZombcat

    I’m traveling to Beijing for the first time in 1 week. I’ve been watching a lot of your videos and it’s made me even more excited! I definitely plan on contacting the Chen family so see if I can do this tour, but it is winter so I’m not sure how difficult it will be to make this trek.

  9. 林清泉

    those “good men”just wanted to use their cars to take you to Badaling with a very very very high price……

  10. DP Dee

    That wall…’s very complicated to Chinese people. Builded that wall for protection, but protected nothing. I love that wall, and hate it as well.


    Before you gaiding to us you tell your name pleas.leave these things we don't love these wall trees we love you and want to see you just


    Before you gaiding to us you tell your name pleas.leave these things we don't love these wall trees we love you and want to see you just

  13. karl partridge

    Please do not take offence but you guys should wear less revealing clothes when travelling in some parts of the world. Try a t shirt instead of singlet top etc. Some guys in less developed and open minded cultures might notice you and harass you. We had terrible experience on travels to developing countries at times

  14. Eloy Antonio roa sanchez

    Definitely, safety is not in your name but I like everything about you. (wild and free )
    Antonio, the 18 wheeler

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