DIY Tiny House with the Most INCREDIBLE Interior Design!

Braelyn and James are two artists who poured their creativity into this beautiful DIY tiny house build. For just under $60,000 CAD they built a 32-foot tiny house with two staircases, two patio doors, and two king-sized lofts with a bridge connecting them. The interior design was inspired by Mykonos Island in Greece, which is where the idea came to have archways, white walls, a painted stone floor, and greenery overhanging the living spaces.

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After feeling trapped in the rent cycle in Toronto where the monthly cost of an apartment made it difficult to save money and get ahead, they spent several years dreaming and making tiny house models using foam core. When they were finally able to save some money and received a small insurance settlement, they took the plunge and started building a tiny house.

The couple was lucky that they were able to find a free indoor space to build their tiny house through friends of theirs, and the four of them eventually collaborated together to open a business at the same time – Crystal Cave.

Now the final step is that Braelyn and James are looking for land in an unorganized township in Ontario where it can be legal to live in a tiny house so they can live full-time in their beautiful tiny home on wheels. In the meantime, we were super excited to tour their tiny house and see all of the creative ideas they incorporated into the build.

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43 Replies to “DIY Tiny House with the Most INCREDIBLE Interior Design!”

  1. The Undaunted

    Only way this interior aesthetic could have been successful would have been to drop the entire wall and open it all up so there is neither entry nor exit. The statement would have been powerful and let in the cool ocean breeze.

  2. Sherry Dee

    Hand feeding wildlife is NEVER a good idea. It sets the animal up for failure. But what do we humans care about any of that? We have our tiny homes & that's all that really matters, right? I'm sorry, but so many people rag on people from the Los Angeles area & call them phonies. Are these 2 transplants from California? I hope not. I cannot get into this. Had to say it. It just looks like a mock up of a Hollywood set or an ad for a hobby/craft store. I do happen to really like the exterior of this tiny home. So, I'm not at a total loss & gave it a TU. After all, I don't live in it & they do & they happen to love it. Happy they are happy.

  3. GradKat

    If they like their home, that’s all that matters. Personally I’d go nuts with all that clutter and greenery, and the saggy couch looks REALLY uncomfortable.

  4. Mad

    This is one of my favorite tiny spaces I've ever seen. It doesn't seem tiny at all, plenty of space for 1-2 people to live. Also can she please drop her skincare routine because there's no way she's older than 35.

  5. Madame R

    One of the best small houses from any small house video I have seen, that faux stone floor adds alot of character, love the forest theme with the moss on the walls/plants on the ceiling too, it has a romantic touch of shabby chic to the look as well.

  6. Color Less

    When after watching this I want to quit school and just build my own house and live in the middle of some forest, eat the veggies and fruits and chicken/pigs I'll grow myself….but I realized I don't have money to buy the materials… Okay I'll quit my job in the future and do all of this

  7. Grits

    Such an awesome design.. That would be a great weekend getaway especially on a beach somewhere. I couldn't live year round in such a small place, but it would be great for a place to slip off to for a few days.

  8. Patricia King

    This is only house is the best I've seen ever!!! It's what I want my apartment to look like lol. For real! I don't have words to describe how I feel just watching this video. Whenever I want to feel calm and serene, I will watch it his video. By the way, you guys are so gorgeous and young. A 26 yr old son, y'all must have birth him when you were 2 yrs old?????. Love ya much😘.

  9. Terri Warner

    This is an amazing video! I found myself getting lost in the beauty of your dream home. There is so much to take away from all you accomplished. I wish you both happiness.

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