Why I Keep Going Back to China!

Poppy and I recently headed back to China on yet another trip there. We keep going back!
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Xi’an, Shaanxi 西安市
Yunnan Province 云南省
Kunming 昆明市
Lijiang 丽江市
Tiger Leaping Gorge 虎跳峡
Shaxi 沙溪

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32 Replies to “Why I Keep Going Back to China!”

  1. H2uss G

    You can visit Xinjiang province, there has the biggest desert in China, and breathtaking landscapes, beautiful lakes and snow mountains, and the minority culture in there is really unique!

  2. Steven Qiu

    Big-eyed girl, your stomach must be really strong to try all kinds of street food to not get sick. Obviously, you are pretty weak. One travel tip, go food places where have a lot of customers, since everyone else eating is OK, you should be fine.

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