California Road Trip TRAVEL GUIDE | BIG SUR

What to do in CALIFORNIA | Big Sur. In this California travel guide these are my top things to do in California while on a road trip through big sur!

Huge thanks to Visit California for partnering with me on this travel series! Plan your own California road trip here!  

Places visited in this video: Monterey County, SLO CAL (San Luis Obispo County), Ventura, Los Angeles, Huntington Beach

Hotels we stayed at on this trip: Big Sur River Inn, Pasea Hotel & Spa, The Kinney, Inn at the Pier

Hotels Stayed at:
The Kinny
Big Sur River Inn
Pasea Hotel

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Filmed, Edited and Produced By Erik Conover LLC, NYC 2018
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50 Replies to “California Road Trip TRAVEL GUIDE | BIG SUR”

  1. Erik Conover

    In this leg of the road trip we go from Big Sur down to Huntington Beach and meet up with some California LEGENDS. Comment below if you are from California or if you have ever done a road trip through the State. The FINAL episode will be from JOSHUA TREE

  2. Athanasios Bladis

    Erik i started to watch your videos, some days ago and i have to say, that every single video from is amazing! Love them!!!

  3. Paul's comments and questions

    Another superb video, Erik. I lived for many years in California. I wonder how many of scenes you filmed in this video have unfortunately been destroyed by the current fires.

  4. Daniel Danila

    My name is Daniel, i'm 24 and my biggest dream is to travel through as many US states as i can but the only problem that keeps me away from my dream is money. If you can help me contributing to achieve my dream, please contact me at
    I've just started this and my account balance is 0/15.000 $ (all money that i will receive will be spent only for trip purpose. Also i know that there are a lot of people who have a lot of money and this amount is nothing for them, i hope somebody can see and read my message)

    I will wait for your help 🙂 and trust me that this is what i am gonna do.

  5. Y&S FOOD!

    Amazing video recording! Right here at Y&S FOOD! we adore to discover such type of contents. We produce Travel & Food shows as well, around the world, so we are frequently looking for inspirations and so good ideas. Thank You.

  6. Raina P

    Born and raised in NorCal and pretty disappointed that SF wasn't even mentioned especially since in the bay area alone there is so many state parks, beaches, music spots, and such

  7. David Devonshire

    I did this trip with my wife this past August 2018 and it was amazing and breathtaking. Every American should experience this drive once in their lifetime.

  8. Calvin Liu

    How are you not flagged for copyrighted music? I tried epidemic but it definitely doesn't have the hit songs you are using. Maybe it's very low and in the background and only the instrumental. Hope they don't ask you to take it down

  9. Kathryn Streletzky

    Actually, William Randolph Heart was the real life Citizen Kane. You missed a couple of the best places in Big Sur and that's a good thing!

  10. Heather Mason

    We’ve been there 3 weeks ago. I’m wondering why you leave out the whole stuff between Big Sur and Los Angeles. There’s so much to see like Santa Barbara, Carmel…

  11. hippie soul

    I go to big sur a lot. I'm surprised I didnt hear of more spots to visit, that place has a lot of hidden gems.

  12. Traveling Musician

    Great videos Erik, I've done this trip 3 times. I think Big Sur is where the word 'awesome' was created.

  13. Bianca Marie

    Anyone recognize the last song playing in the background when Eric's surfing in Huntington???? I'D REALLY LIKE TO KNOW, THANKS 😀

  14. K.Nicole

    Yes I’ve driven Highway 1 and it’s beautiful. Please don’t drive it at night, it can get pretty foggy

  15. Emkay Vee

    How could you do Pismo like that? How could you not even mention that around Pismo is the only place in California where they can ride ATVs at the domes? On top of that, they have cool things and places there too.

  16. Taylor Strause

    Love this video. Makes me realize even more how lucky I am to live in the beautiful state of California. I took a road trip from LA (where I live) to San Francisco a few years ago and took PCH all the way up. I stopped in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, drove through Big Sur, Monterey, then finally San was amazing!

  17. Rachel Cottrill

    Ah Thanks for this. Just found your yt channel and I am planning a west coast road trip late summer. This will help. X

  18. Reed Stember

    This is my home, if you come here go to the spots that people tell you to go, the locals spots are their spots dont try to go them and youll be fine. Try to sneak into private spots and you will be met with heavily armed assholes.

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