Trying to Travel Plastic Free – Is It Possible? (Trialed in Iceland)

Trying to Travel Plastic Free – Is It Possible? (Trialed in Iceland)

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Welll…I decided to trial plastic free travel and see if it’s possible. I attempted to do this in one of the hardest places to do plastic free living and that is Iceland. It’s filled with plastic wrapped food items everywhere as so much of the food is imported.

I found with some preparation and some of my strange ways of functioning with this plastic free thing, it is sort of possible.

Hiccups were present.

Thanks for caring about the plastic free life also and trying to learn some stuff about how to live this life.

Hope this video gave you an addition idea or two of how to be plastic free.

Let me know any other tips you have for successfully traveling plastic free!

Lots of love to you.

Sorelle Amore

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Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

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38 Replies to “Trying to Travel Plastic Free – Is It Possible? (Trialed in Iceland)”

  1. Gerike Eefting

    Hey! LOve this video. I saw that you have a bamboo/wood knife. Do they allow that on a carry-on at security? I am trying to cut my plastics but have yet to figure out the knife situation… Anyone else knows this too?

  2. Chantelle

    Me watching first time sorelle talk about plastic usuage: This lady is crazy …. Me now when husband wants something that comes in plastic: Put that back ur destroying my earth . I love this crazy womans content. Good Job another pat on the back for making people more aware of going plastic free. It would be so much easier if companies would put their products into less plastic packages its so frustrating it makes me cringe.

  3. Gerrit Venter

    Wow! Truly love this video!! SUUPPEERR informative, inspiring and helpful!!
    Thank you Sorelle!
    I wish companies and supermarkets would just cut out plastic completely, in one go, and replace it with paper bags. (Here where I am from they hand out plastic bags for the smallest of items even, its really heartbreaking, supermarkets don't use paper bags around here.
    If companies can stop caring about the most profitable solution and think of more efficient and environmental friendly solutions – the world and its companies will be a better place.

  4. paanyovaanya

    I keep trying to bring my metal forks and the airport keeps confiscating them. So sometimes I just use the plastic fork given on the plane for the whole trip. Not ideal but I need my forks. 💁

  5. Hexi Kagome

    Hey Sorelle, when you talked about your "Wastebag" you take with you into your car, i thought "why dont you use a Glascontainer with a srew cap ?"

    I live in Germany and at home we have just a bowl were we put our biodegradeble waste inside. No bags needed 🙂

  6. Marina Tana

    I absolutely agree with the need to reduce the disposable plastic we use, but when it comes to food, for example, I think it is not the one and only biggest issue: my main concern is WHAT we are eating, FROM where and HOW it was cultivated or prepared and THEN packaged (eg out of season fruit and vegetables, imported food, unfair traded food, non organic, intensive farming etc). Plastic is one thing, but we should be aware that we have to change our behaviors and habits with a sort of holistic approach. Awareness is key. Love your contents Sorelle, and please VIENI IN ITALIA OGNI TANTO EH!

  7. The Life Created

    Nooooo way you upload this right now!! I'm trying a month plastic free backpacking in Australia and I'm so sad and frustrated 🙁 Gives you a whole new set of eyes on the issue 👀

  8. Yuval Penker

    Your timing is crazy! I'm travelling to Iceland tomorrow for a month with my boyfriend! We will be doing lots of hiking all around Iceland so using less plastic is definitely going to be a challenge. I love your content btw, you're a real inspiration 🙂

  9. H T

    I never knew there was such a product to make undrinkable water drinkable. I was in China last year and I appalled by the amount of bottles I was going through (even when I tried buying in bulk) and it really was getting expensive. I tried researching but never found anything. Thank you!

  10. TheNinjaInConverse

    At the risk of seeming dumb…isn't your lifestyle necessitated by plastic? You did fly to Iceland, right? You couldn't have your life without cheap plastic be available to humans. Humans would not be able to do SO MUCH of what we do without plastic, especially when you think about medical and travel technology. I don't wanna be a downer, but plastic is an integral material to how the modern world functions. The key is not to steward it poorly. I would never ban plastic from my life, but also, I don't fly around the planet all the time? Or live predominantly in "touristy" locales? I would be interested to see the difference in ecological footprint between a "normal" European or American who doesn't travel and live that "influencer" life and somebody like Sorelle, who puts ALOT of thought into avoiding plastic yet jetsets and owns a house that isn't lived in full time etc. I think it would be super interesting to see differences and a cost benefit analysis, especially if we were able to quantify human flourishing into the equation!

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