come thrifting with me in vienna, austria!

hey friends! i recently traveled to vienna, austria and decided to go thrifting while i was there! i absolutely fell in love with this city and coming across this store was such a bonus.
with love,

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☆vlog of austria:

☆the thrift haul:

Filmed at Humana in Vienna

intro (santa barbara)- box dreams
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46 Replies to “come thrifting with me in vienna, austria!”

  1. Thats So Ari

    I love these european thrift videos! It's so cool to see what thrift and vintage stores are like overseas. 😀😍💖

  2. Sophie Curie

    OMG you have such a good hand when it comes to thrifting pants! that's the only item I never have luck with BUT I will go to Humana tomorrow and spend 5 hrs until I found the perfect pair of pants haha the beige checkered ones are to die for! Hope you bought them!

  3. Shanna I

    Where do you get the music for your videos? I looove the vibe. I'm travelling to Italy this summer and I'd love to use some songs like yours for my vlogs ✨

  4. Anonymous

    I love the fact that she shows interest in making her videos. Like, she talks to the camera as if she were actually talking to us and she’s not embarrassed to show it.

  5. Ayla M

    Hey elena, this is really random (but sort of not because this is sort of a travelish video and my question is travel related), but I was wondering if you could give me any tips on traveling alone? I’m going on a trip by myself and then eventually meeting up with relatives, but am frankly stressed about it. So if you have any tips that’d be great 💓💓

  6. Nancy Miriam

    Hey! How is it going? I love your videos and it would be so cool if you make a video telling us some tips to packed when we're going for a trip and we want to bring clothes back!!! And avoid having overweighted luggage! Cheers!!

  7. lola bella

    all of these amazing places you've been going to are beautiful I'm so jealous!!! + the thrift stores look amazing !!


    hey i'm a new account to youtube and i don't think anyone would actually watch but its worth a try haha, if y'all could maybe watch and give some feedback/ criticism that would mean the world to me! (i just did a thrift haul)
    i love your videos btw 🙂

  9. Josefine Öijer

    Always wanted to visit Vienna and so glad to see they have the same second hand shop as here in Stockholm! Humana is the best! X

  10. Elly G

    Oh my god. I was shopping at Humana literally the same day. Living in Vienna, it is one of my go-to thrifting places. I love your videos so much you are a person I really look up to. It would have been so cool if we had met❤🙊

  11. Ariana Severino

    please tell me you bought that black dress you showed at the end please Elena please tell me you did…

  12. Anjohlee jacobsen

    this is weird but i just watched your room tour and i wanted to know what color gray is on your walls😂😂 ive been trying to find a gray i like for my walls but they all end up being too blue or purple

  13. Kenzi Li

    I love the video! Could you tell me the songs that were played in the store? Also, I am just starting my own channel and hopefully we can collaborate someday. Lots of ❤️

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