Stellenbosch Wine Country – Plan D


Our cute AirBnb Apartment in this video:






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***TRAVEL VLOG 162***
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40 Replies to “Stellenbosch Wine Country – Plan D”

  1. Jiulian Gutierrez

    Love you guys! You give so many positivite vibes in your videos & I always look forward to them!:)

  2. Willy Kare

    awesome video today guys…south Africa looks gorgeous! kara is da best! lol. Mauritius!!!!! Beaches!!! Yay!

  3. Michael Jackson

    What a day! Now that I know you like wine tasting, I would like to add to my recommendation of Trier, Germany that it's on the Mosel River. In my humble opinion the best white wines anywhere!

  4. Jimbob Jones

    Ha..ha.. "SPIER" is not pronounced "SPIRE" – its more like "SPEAR" but not quite! Anyway, hope you had an awesome time!

  5. Rants with Lance

    I really enjoy the shots Nate gets and the creative editing Kara does. In particular suitcases walking down the stairs. I do some photography(profile picture) and appreciate the efforts you put into getting your shots. A friend once said to be a good photographer never be afraid to get on the ground and be ready to be seen as a fool at times.

  6. aka.charlee

    Yummmy any day with wine is fun! 🙂 and love the outtakes this vlog…lol too funny…I just love the sense of humor y'all share together and with all of us…thanks for another fun vlog 🙂 BIG HUGS FROM IDAHO 🙂

  7. Bevan Darke

    You should have gone to the Barossa valley when you where in Australia some of the best wine in the world is made there

  8. Stacey

    Oh my god, I was so glad you found Spier!! I was rooting for you to, sending Jedi mind signals to get you to go there… We’ve been there 3 times in our 3 trips to SA (before we settled down & adopted a little one 🙂 ), amazing place, hotel incredible, Segway amazing fun, staff can’t do enough for you. There is so much to do on site. Thank you for helping us to reminisce about the good times we had there, & glad you got to experience it too. Did you manage enough self control not to buy the chocolate though?! It was delicious! Anyway, I love watching your adventures, keep it up, you guys are brilliant fun x

  9. Chelsea Bear

    Its always sad to see a funeral pass by (which is why the cops were there) usually people stop and wait for it to pass some even get out there cars and take any kind of hats off in respect for there loss

  10. Chelsea Bear

    Lol yall finally made it out of the parking lot and that guy walked by at the perfect time xD karas reaction was priceless…. Move …..MOOOOOVE

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