A day FULL of travel MISTAKES – Vlog Ep 4 – Laos to Thailand

Sometimes when things don’t go how you plan, the best thing to do is just smile and laugh about it.

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39 Replies to “A day FULL of travel MISTAKES – Vlog Ep 4 – Laos to Thailand”

  1. sam&tin's adventures

    Wow great video! We subscribed and loved watching your video 🙂 Please feel free to check out our channel if you like we do travel vlogs in New Zealand 🙂

  2. Omari Joseph

    Hello Yalo…all that drama with the flight ticket was enough for me to be stressed and spend one more day to calm my nerves..hahaha..you're just running into all kinds of bumps in the road…Phuket should be a good place to go..those words of wisdom come when luck is on your side..try that when all hell has gone wrong and it is a nightmare..hehehe..gonna send Edward Scissor Hands to cut a bit of that hair..hehehe (tease)

  3. Phnom Penh Travel Cambodia

    What a day! Glad it worked out for you.Pity about Cambodia, but you could have taken a bus for $25 to Phnom Penh which takes around 12 hours. Hope you have a fun time in Phuket and the rest of Thailand.Peace and Happy 2018.

  4. Stephen Simpson

    One bad day that my son! I also lost my baggage in thailand once and got it back 4 days later hahaha. Keep the videos coming I'm waiting to head off on a year long trip mid 2018 all these videos are inspiring


    Wow! Lost your bag and still had a big smile. When I first landed in the Bangkok airport, I accidentally left my newly bought all-in-one flip camera/recorder/mp3 player at the phone booth and it was gone by the time I realized I forgot. Walked back from the parking lot to the booth. No one saw it and whoever took it didn’t come forward. Went to customer service with in the hour, and had no luck getting it back. That was in 2005.

  6. bakabusu4

    You are wrong. I came from Myanmar as well and initially had that problem. You need to go to 5he airport link area which is the subway, all of those exchanges allow you to exchange Myanmar kyat. I’m sure there will be Laos exchange as well there.

  7. Elizabeta Ružičić

    I love how positive you are, you are truly an inspiration 😀
    I remember when I find you here on YT and I was waiting for you to start your journey … I was watching every video (you selling your stuff etc).
    I'm so glad you're having fun and I hope you will get many subs, you deserve it <3
    Hugs from Croatia and I hope you'll come here one day 🙂

  8. Hilda F

    My luggage didn't come once (in Phuket airport!) and I had a complete meltdown my husband had to drag me out the airport literally. You handled it so well especially after the crazy day you had!

  9. khalil k

    Thank you for sharing this valuable information. is it only Myanmar and laos currency thats not accepted in Thailand ?

  10. Christian Santoyo

    Shit was just not going your way in this one. Happy it all worked out in the end guy. Keep doing your thing, you and a few others are the reason I will start traveling one day

  11. Made In Aotearoa NZ

    Ughhh that happened to us in Shanghai, had 1 digit wrong in the passport number & couldn't pick up the train ticket for my nephew. Such a frustrating process 😂 had to end up booking him a flight, expensive mistake!

  12. Kim Tran

    Thank you for your great videos I really enjoyed your Myanmar ones. Patience of a Saint you have. That's so weird that they wouldn't change your kip, I managed to buy kip at the airport in Bangkok so I don't understand why they wouldn't sell it

  13. Geraldine Rowell

    Oh my word! What a shite day! Well done for keeping your cool, i am not sure I would have been able to.

  14. 1tugqaibvom thiabBBQ

    Yep…auto fill can be dangerous sometime…ehehe..I mean… dangerously in a text. It will be a total nightmare if not careful in what your type.

  15. 1tugqaibvom thiabBBQ

    Thailand don't accept Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia's currency because of the value in the money is too low, it's worthless when use in Thailand or other more advance countries.

  16. Sook Wilson

    Have u ever been to Malaysia ? Yr flight could Have cost the same.
    West cost of Malaysia is Foodies haven ! Very different street food due to the fusion If Chinese , malay & indian cultures

  17. Amiel Gella

    Yo Steve! I know this VLOG was like 10 months ago but I admire how you handled all those mishaps that had happened! I got scared as hell too when that train left with your bag inside. Props to you bro on how you handled it. BIG FAN here!

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