St. Petersburg Travel Guide

Stay at the incomparable Corinthia St Petersburg Hotel

Our St Petersburg travel guide! Wow, what a place. Our first Russia adventure and we were captivated by the people, the history, and the food.

St Petersburg is a complicated city but it’s worth taking the time to explore and understand everything this place has to tell you.

Thanks to our friends at the Corinthia Hotel St Petersburg for helping us bring our St Petersburg Travel Guide to you.

How we film our travel guides –

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43 Replies to “St. Petersburg Travel Guide”

  1. Semsem Eini

    You should have discussed the Visa problem. You need a hotel invitation? You could have shown us what to visit. this is a food video.

  2. ThetrueMarksmen

    Russian food isn’t too good tbh I’m not gonna lie. Cool place the Russia’s just creeps the fuck out of me in general

  3. Valdas Markuckis

    pasol ti naaaaaaahui uroda kusok ja tebe poprasil karpinskovo pakazat a ti kazlina na kakom zapel

  4. Generic

    The herring dish sounds delicious and healthy! The hotel is very attractive,and so is the rest of what was shown. Peter the Great created St Petersburg. He also change Russia in a positive way…Q. Do St.Petersburg have Band Bs?

  5. sergey y

    at 5.49 that eagle in the background is exactly the same one my parents brought with them to america. good video. thx for posting

  6. AC81

    Proud to be American! But my Russian ancestry has done amazing at rebuilding there country ! Go Russ ! Much love from Los Angeles… see you soon. BTW, Anna is gorgeous

  7. SAV SAI

    Don't go slowly, otherwise it hurts 🤣😆 Really enjoyed this vlog! Going to Russia in Sept so needing all the tips I can get lol

  8. FalconXE302

    Moscow actually sounds just like America… Government cars in the USA get the cops to block the roads off for them… and the Rich live in gated communities. But Moscow does look really beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Андрей Ведерников

    Nice review! I've lived here for fifty years, since my childhood, and I must say there were lots of changes in this city. Now it looks relatively good. It's not so clean like some other famous European cities, but it's quite OK. I remember times it looked very gloomy and kind of devastated and dangerous. I used to be a street musician, we played almost every day in the city center since 1990 until 1998. Believe me, I saw a lot, including several criminal accidents, extreme poverty, politicians wars, etc. But it was quite a good time for me – I had lots of friends from some Latinamerican and European countries. There was lots of fun despite of difficult times. When you are young, you can bear almost everything, I think.
    The city is quite safe, partly because guns are prohibited in Russia unlike the US. Carring a gun is a crime here.

  10. Andreas Gvardinas

    Wow!!! In Russia, only white people!!! Where black people!? Why can't you see them anywhere? Are they afraid of Russian frosts? But their and summer not in sight.

  11. homayoun Shirazi

    America always needs an enemy to vilify and turn the opinion of its own people against that "enemy" as justification for militarization. I remember an expression in the 1950's saying: "The only good Indian is a dead Indian," referring to indigenous people of America. Their movies perpetually vilified the very people that the newcomers to America annihilated immediately after the white Europeans stepped on the shores of this Native Land of Indians. Their appetite for mayhem and destruction is boundless. When it was convenient in WW2, Joseph Stalin was approvingly referred to as "Uncle Joe." Later on, Russia became "Enemy number 1." They pretend to be righteous in all that they side with: even when Racist Israel in full view of the world commits atrocities against Palestinians. I warn even Norwegians whom they like these days. All it takes is one tiny slight and America becomes their mortal enemy with the help of Hollywood and all those
    Religious Evangelicals!
    "America, the Great Hypocrite!" I know, truth hurts! But America, dismissingly, will live this and everything else down.

  12. Music Mom

    I just LOVE St. Petersburg, have been here 3 times so far, can't wait to come again, hubby and me are even considering moving here, when retired – only problem: our Russian language skills… 🙂

  13. Trí Lê Đình

    I like the videos because the interaction of the cameraman, sometimes he corrects the speaker, and in this video he grabs the donuts (I can't spell the name of that cake), haha

  14. AP Ndrssn

    I wish now I would've come across this video before going to the World Cup. Saint Petersburg was my "base camp" for my trip to Russia and i fell in love with the city's beauty, culture, and its people.
    Indeed, it is quite safe to walk around. My cousin and I stayed up til 2-3am enjoying the "white nights". Then I was on my own, the last couple of days in Russia. I was never harassed or got in trouble with the locals or the cops (for taking pictures/videos of places, for instance).
    Same as you my friend, I made myself a promise to return. So, some of the info about places & experiences you told us on this video will come very handy.


  15. Феофан Это поле должно быть заполнено

    I've been promised Liam Neeson by thumbnail, wtf?!

  16. Феофан Это поле должно быть заполнено

    Russians dont care about vodka as much as youtubers do. Also, at night you'll be subjected to many, MANY girl services nearby Corinthia Hotel (on the corner of Nevsky and Liteiniy and around), and my advice to you is NEVER use those services! Im not here to judge, it's fair warning for those who seek some action of any kind: you wont get any in that particular district, you gonna be ripped off for way overpriced drinks at best. Dont get me wrong, it's not like there are hookers all over the place, no! It's a respectable part of city, but this big city is just like any other one. Sometimes there are gentlemen on a corner, trying to give you some flyer card. Sometimes classy, good-looking girls are cruising around. They'll try to start a conversation and eventually invite you for drinks to local bar as they call it. Just dont go in there. This particular district has no trustworthy public, popular among locals service of any kind, 100% of places is a scheme to rip off tourists. Respectable (thus more or less safe) public strip joints dont advertise with flyers and such (basically, cz there are less than ten in a whole city and everyone know em by name, so youll google it pretty easily).
    And uber is the worse taxi service in Saint-Petersburg. Try to find info on local services online, there are major(!) companies with way better services, not so smelly drivers and so on. Yes, I'm being rude here but srsly, uber not worth the money. Look for green, yellow, red, black, whatever colored cars and write down the number. Use only those companies which clearly have own cars (painted all over, with big logos and huge phone numbers on a car body and such, not just small lighting thingy on top of a car, it's a sign of shitty service). All those major companies have their own mobile app with english version. Prices are practically the same or even lower (since you order via app and they dont know that you are tourist), but experience is way different. And yes, dont drink vodka ffs, it's bad for ya.

  17. Magical Russian Songs

    Hello friends! I just wanted to share a song with you and bring the Russian culture closer to everyone speaking English! We translate famous Russian songs into English and share it with everyone! You're welcome to check it out and leave a comment if you like. Thank you!

  18. Jørgen Lund

    Imagine that powerfull men has decided that the Russian people are and allways should be the westerners enemies forever? its a satanic plot made by evil who benefits greatly by this madness. Think of just the wepon producers, peace is not good business for theese mercants of death scum. PS sorry for my bad English, i speak it a Little better and are allways trying to improve. God bless you all, Russian American and all us others.

  19. CloneD Anon

    I loved St.Petersburg when i visited it in 2017. It was way more beautiful, safer and cleaner than for example all the big cultural cities in Italy (Rome, Florence and Venice) just for comparison.

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