72 Hours in Iceland in Summer – Top Things To Do and NOT to do in 2019

72 Hours in Iceland in Summer – Top Things To Do and NOT to do in 2019

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I haven’t done a guide for Iceland for a while. Pretty excited to finally get this baby out. It’s VERY comprehensive and really a great one stop shop for all things Iceland for your short little trip to this beautiful country.

Here are my recommendations:

Day 1 – We’re starting with the Golden Circle, followed by Seljalandsfoss.

Day 2 – Start the day with Skogafoss, next if you like, go on a glacier hike at Solheimajokull glacier. Next visit the dldest geothermal swimming pool in Iceland but be warned, it’s pretty dirty there .

Next stop Dyrholey – this is where you will see puffins as well sometimes.

Reynisfjara beach is net and finish the day at Vik stocking up on groceries here as this is the last stop you’ll have a decent supermarket.

Day 3 – Day starts with a little bit of a drive to Svinafellskjokull, drive to Fjallsárlón lagoon, then Jokusarlon glacier lagoon and Diamond Beach. overnight stay around Hofn – gives you a chance to visit Jokusarlon again in the morning in case there was a lack of ice.

Day 4 – Back to Reykjavik slowly and see anything else you might have missed, explore Reykjavik, you won’t need much time as it’s tiny, have lunch at Prikid – the oldest pub in Iceland. It’s cool. Blue lagoon on your way out. It’s touristy as hell but has to be done at least once in your life.

This guide also touches on the most expensive parts of Iceland that might surprise you and a few other tips to help make your trip to Iceland as groovey as possible.

Hope this guide helps!

What are you most excited to see in Iceland?

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Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

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27 Replies to “72 Hours in Iceland in Summer – Top Things To Do and NOT to do in 2019”

  1. Christian Bowen

    when i was planning my exodus from UK to Iceland I watched your channel lots. this is the first Ive seen of you guys in my 18 months in iceland. great content and yeah, iceland is a frickin utopia! sanity DOES exist people! faith in humainty restored. xx

  2. hello965

    A W E S O M E video! Thanks Sorelle! Ive been to Iceland, but now I feel like going again just to tick the places I missed from your video! haha

  3. Pocket Trailblazer

    This is, without a doubt, the most informative and efficient video on Iceland EVER- you have outdone yourself Sorelle 💪😉

  4. Katrina Van Grouw

    I would love more travel videos like this, it explained everything so well and I loved the use of the map. Sorelle is the new Rick Steves! 😁

  5. Alex N

    Iceland in summer….. hmmm…. I just booked a cheap flight in february…. so I think I will worship the darkness 😉 and perhaps will be happy to see some northern lights 😉 but thx for this quick summer-tour

  6. Solina587

    I am waiting for the next max of the solar cycle before I visit Iceland so we can hopefully experience a lot of polar lights 🌌

  7. Maxine Walters

    Hi Sorelle. Im an Aussie like you and will be visiting Iceland in September this year. My travel buddy and I will be spending 3 or 4 days mostly in Reykjavik (we will bot have a car) seeing all the museums and nighlife before going to see the Northern Lights and doing a horse riding trip (with transfers included). Any other hot tips on what to see in the capital? Also, is 'Hey Iceland' (the way you booked accommodation) similar to air b'n'b? Can we book somewhere in the capital that is not a hotel?

  8. Ali Sheheryar

    We did complete ring road in March this year in 6 days. Best road trip ever!
    We were lucky to see northern lights as well

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