What to do in CALIFORNIA | REDWOOD FOREST. In this California travel guide these are my top things to do in California while on a road trip starting in Northern California ending in SoCal!

Huge thanks to Visit California for partnering with me on this travel series! Plan your own California road trip here!

Places visited in this video:
Santa Rosa, Sonoma Valley, Santa Cruz County, Safari West

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Filmed, Edited and Produced By Erik Conover LLC, NYC 2018
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32 Replies to “California Road Trip TRAVEL GUIDE | REDWOOD FOREST”

  1. Erik Conover

    Episode 1 of a 3 part travel series exploring California! If you are from California comment below your favorite activity / place in the State!

  2. Max Mzk

    Hey Eric I am a 14 years old boy from Germany and i did also a trip to California. It was heartbreaking to see that massive threes. We started in Los Angeles and drived to San Francisco we have visit the hurst caste (a good tip). And the best Part: The National Parks like Big Bear lake, unfortunately the lake was 50% dried out. But it cave me that national park feeling. Our Trip was 2 moths long and it was the Best experience in my life (with Mexico). I din‘t like San Diego because it was nothing special. Another minus point was that The Yosemite Park was on fire.

    Sorry for my grammar I only can speak good German and Spanish.

  3. mascottie

    Have to say you’re the first person I’ve ever heard pronounce zebra how it looks. I’ve always pronounced it zee-bra


    Love this 3 part series.i like most amazing dinner at this restaurant, I highly recommend it. Have a safe and exiting trip.

    Sea Chest Restaurant & Oyster bar

    6216 Moonstone Beach Dr

    Cambria, CA 93428

    United States

  5. mari gotoshia

    wow 😯! how long is this tree 🌲. and also how cute animals 🦓 🦒 and how big rock is there wow i like it so much its incredible and i don't say of place how beautiful and big is this there is incredible and long bridge wow 😮 its so amazing

  6. Atuka

    Omg😱what is this❤️It is so amzing❤️forest is so beauriful❤️animal is nice l love animal❤️mountain is tall❤️🥰moon😱l like sea🌊sun seat is amazing🌊l love animals:birds,lion..😱garden look like amazing❤️castle is big❤️win is so important❤️sea is best ever❤️city is cool❤️l like park ❤️😊😊Trees is nice ever❤️🤗l like california omg❤️😱🥰l like this vlog in California💙tree is so beautiful and tall❤️❤️what is your dream?❤️❤️😊

  7. Nino Kupatadze

    ohh Erik you are best I like your videos🎥📷🎥📷 they are very good exciting and interesting👌👍👍👌.
    I think that you are very sympathetic 👌💗💖💟😍😍and you have very good body💪💪 you are very lucky because you can go everywhere 🗼🏯🌉🌅🚅🚊🚋🚢✈where do you want ..
    I want to ask you question
    who is your favorite famous person?😎😍😘👸👨👩👱💂🎅
    California it is paradise I like this city very much it is very big and beautiful I want to go here✈✈✈🚁 only10day1⃣0⃣ I love 💗💖💕💞💝💟💓❤💘💘💋💋💋here everything

  8. Detlef De Clercq

    I LOVE IT! It is so much fun rather than one big long vlog. Edit is on point, narrating is on point, cinematographically very nice. My advice: travel even more, vlog even more. Regards from Belgium

  9. Rati Ivaniadze YT

    erik wow this is good vlog as another vlogs california is very good city 🌃 beautiful is river zoo animals 🦒 🦓and house 🏠 so this vlog is example in your vlogs and take that s it videos

  10. Luka Kapanadze

    it's good place with good nature and wine)) I am from Georgia and I think if you see my contry you will travel here…we have a oldest and nice wine too.. Welcome to contry Georgia..

  11. Mari Mari

    Wow!!this place is very has very beautiful nature. I like animals,in my county ,Georgia we have national parks,you can visit them.we have very good wine too,if you visit Georgia you will make sure that it is very good.which wine is your favourite red or white?

  12. Jacob Michals

    Excellent video Erik. I live about 2 miles from Safari West so very happy you were able to enjoy. You need to get into biking and technology here in California, it will make quite a story….

  13. Rob Buglass

    Eric , Eric , Eric the good state of California should be chucking many dollars at you . I absolutely love this content . Keep going !

  14. Kate Pittman

    Oh man, if you liked Big Basin, you should do a trip up north to the really big old redwood trees in Jedediah Smith, Prairie Creek, and the other parts of Redwood National and State Parks. Look up "Fern Canyon" and you'll be sad you missed that part of California 🙂

  15. Momma From Scratch

    Welcome to my backyard! You did an awesome job sharing the highlights! You need to go to Yosemite and explore the redwoods near there Beautiful and hiking half dome you need to do!

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