Turn Your Photography Into A Career: 7 Secrets To Get Paid For Photos (feat. Mango Street Lab)

Turn Your Photography Into A Career: 7 Secrets To Getting Paid For Your Photos (feat. Mango Street Lab)

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Sometimes it can be confusing how to become a professional photographer and start getting paid for your craft. It seems almost too impossible. Today in the totally cool and not at all awkward video with Mango Street Lab (eep!) we break down the 7 secrets to getting paid for your photography, finally turning your photography into a career and learn how to become a pro photographer.

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I hope you enjoyed this video!

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Sorelle Amore

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37 Replies to “Turn Your Photography Into A Career: 7 Secrets To Get Paid For Photos (feat. Mango Street Lab)”

  1. Mango Street

    Amazing! Love that you incorporated your commentary in Iceland. We were just there last week — we shoulda high fived or something!

  2. XOh Billie

    haha it was cute seeing you so nervous! But you did great, this video came out beautiful as per usual ♥ -Billie

  3. Joshua Baldomero

    Never thought a Sorelle Amore can be nervous, EVER! 🙊 Where did you put the real Sorelle???

    Jokes aside, great video 💓 Amazing content as always

  4. Blaisé

    I feel like a lot of people agree with your sentiment with @gmail emails. I've got my own website done (from scratch) but I can't afford to get a @blaiseclicks.com as a functioning email, is there a way around it? Anyone? 🙁

  5. Mach1048

    As someone that sort of fell into wedding photography, that first piece of advice is so important! As is the advice of just clicking the shutter! You get good at photography by doing photography, also, never forget that the best piece.of photographic equipment you will ever have is you.

  6. Gosia Malaczek

    Thanks to Sorelle i found Chris, then he transported me to McKinnon's account and from there only Casey could stop this avalanche of great vlogers :O
    Would love to see you colab with McKinnon, queen! 😉 am hesitating to check out mango street since i am already too addicted to YT and i should stop hesitating to put my own videos out there

  7. Sara Pone

    Don't you miss having hobbies (analog ones) with your lifestyle? I would be lost without playing music and doing art… Buuuut, for me this is fully living life, for you of course it has another meaning 🌸

  8. Gregor Denholm

    Hi everyone I've only started photography to improve my cinematic skills and eye for a quality shot!! I upload them to Instagram but it's only my freinds that's see them does anyone know of other social websites that I could upload to to get a more professional opinion on my photos (same goes for my videos) hope someone can help 😊❤

  9. jasmine ツ

    sorelle!! i would love love love a video about how to do professional style lighting in photos (especially portraits/advanced selfies) but for broke people. i cant afford a soft box or anything that the pros use but i would love to know how to imitate that result for cheap by myself at home. ie, getting rid of shadows under the eyes, and how to make your face evenly lit all the way around and things of that nature

  10. RogueMomma

    Question!! I am a well established photographer in my area and have been for the past 9 years(in business 11). I live in a destination area for weddings and family vacation and have an endless stream of clients. This is my living and is wonderful. Do you have any hints or tips for transitioning into travel or destination photography? I am not even looking to make allot(or any) of money in the beginning but would like to travel with an excuse more 😉

  11. Kate-Lynn Severino

    Sorelle, how to you approach someone to intern with them? I haven't foun anyone yet but I'm a rookie and NEED TO!

  12. Susan Mathis

    Love ❤️how u shared that you are nervous. I wouldn't have seen it if u had not pointed it out and it made we like u even more because I can relate to nervousness.

  13. Diego Eidelman

    hahaha … your faces staring at the camera! Love your style, Sorelle! You are so fresh and expressive.
    Cheers from Buenos Aires

  14. Rose Bruno Bailey

    What camera would a novice start out with? I love nature photography and I just started documenting my weight loss in YouTube. I’m only using my iPhone now. Would you recommend a class?

  15. Captain Awesome

    I don't think she is being nervous. I think she is trying so hard not to be her normal-funny-weird-self.

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