What’s In My Travel Bag | In Flight Essentials!

I hope you found this video helpful and let me know if you want to see more travel themed videos! Sending all my love! xx
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Products Mentioned:
Longchamp Tote Bag

Olay Fresh Effects Clear Skin See Spot Swipe Oil Reducing Wet Cloths
Altchek MD DePuff Eye Pads
Dove Deodorant
Bobby Pins/Hair Ties
Rosebud Salve
Q-Tips/Cotton Pads

Sephora “Gift with Purchase” l Bag- Sephora
Mario Badescu RoseWater Spray
Makeup Forever HD Foundation
Hand Food Hand Cream
Travelo w/ Perfume

Lancome Doll Lash Mascara
Nars Creamy Concealer
Urban Decay Lip Liner-Naked 2
Mac Lipstick- Hue
Compact Mirror

Ipad Mini
Vlogging Camera w/ Case from Target
Frends Headphones

I was partnered with Olay Fresh Effects for this video. Products were picked out myself and all opinions are my own.

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27 Replies to “What’s In My Travel Bag | In Flight Essentials!”

  1. Margaret O'Malley

    There’s no WAY I didn’t know you were from Wisconsin!! I’ve been subscribed for two years and watch all your videos, I’m going to Florida Tomorrow and noticed your ID, I’m from and live in Milwaukee!

  2. Lucky Charm

    So far I brought best travel size bag for toiletrie bag for shower for only 6 bucks.thought was good price at Walmart, is that a iPad mini? Does work well for Netflix movies on airplane? Mine work last year on my regular iPad size. I go every year to get a chance to go new jersey from arizona for a full month in August

  3. BreAnn Parker

    If you bring an empty water bottle you can fill it after going through security and do not have to pay for water in the airport.

  4. Laveerne snair

    were can I buy some headphones like yours or what is the brand name of them as I love the way they look thank you

  5. robert olson

    Thank you for your video. On behalf of myself, and the chemically sensitive community, I would encourage essential oil users to abstain from using these oils in the confined space of an airplane. Not just essential oils, but any high VOC product. There may also be passengers with respiratory issues such as asthma, COPD, or even lung cancer who simply cannot be near them. If someone put on essential oils near me on a plane, chances are good the flight would have to divert. Thank you for the opportunity to share.

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