Lion and Tiger feedings, taking the Lion Cubs for a walk, visiting the Bushbaby Monkey Sanctuary and more at the Living with Big Cats Volunteer Southern Africa Project.

Learn more about Volunteer Southern Africa- Living with Big Cats

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29 Replies to “LION WALKS & TIGER FEEDINGS // South Africa”

  1. Tattered Passport

    Its great to see you doing these volunteer projects. Do you know any of the results from the project? How successful the project is? I would love to hear more about what these projects are doing.
    One Life, One Search,
    Peace Out,

  2. Laura

    Please help me! Animal Welfare Project in South Africa

    From January 2016 I will go to South Africa as an volunteer. 
    Unfortunately, volunteering is very expensive.

    That is why I have started a fundraising campaign!

    Please support me! Every penny brings me one step further!
    Thanks to all the donors and
    Thanks to all who support me and give thumbs up
    I am very very grateful !

    More information can be found in the project. (if I write such a long text here, nobody will read this : P)

    Best regards

  3. Andy Reasoner

    Is it true, that for ppl and not only leopards are even more dangerous for keepers than lions? May be reason would be level of agressiveness and the fact that leopards are solitary cats and have be cautious and still able to fight? Jump of tiger is awesome.

  4. Dara Erinina

    It's amazing Nadine!! I actually want tp become like you, a traveler, and vlogge!
    But I have one question. Why were there tigers, if there are no tigers in Africa??

  5. Katie Baker

    If you had to recommend one, which one? I would love to both but have to start with one or the other, I am passionate about animals and love both lions and cheetahs! Which would you say gets more time to spend with the animals? Amazing videos! Thanks for sharing! Both programs look like so much fun and great experiences!!!

  6. StampyKid2008's Epic Gaming Videos

    I saw your cheetah video while I was researching cheetahs at school I didn’t watch it but I got curious and watched a few days after the research it’s epic! I subscribed and thumbs upped and actually I might wanna work there even if I don get paid or anything I don care

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