Thank you Warner Bros Studios for showing us around! It was incredible to see the props and studios that made Batman, Harry Potter, The Big Bang Theory, Friends and so many more shows a reality!

January 30, 2016

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-What camera do you use? Canon G7X
-What do you use to edit your videos? FCPX
-Are you a body builder/model cause you’re too much to handle? No.
-How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood? What is a wood chuck.

Need You – StewRat
Brandy vs. Monic

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25 Replies to “WE'RE ON FRIENDS!”

  1. Vince Patrick

    omg i was visiting cali at the same time as you haha and i made a video about it too =]
    the days after that rainy day was beautiful though. i wish i was stil there and not here in jersey -___-

  2. Jordan Pike

    Dude, I can see the progress in the production of your vlogs getting much better. That's awesome. I'm impressed. I've said it before, and I have to say it again, I really enjoy all the knowledge you share with us viewers. And that tour experience was really awesome. I never knew you could tour Warner Bros. Also, the humor is huge. The shared knowledge and humor has me coming back for more. 🙂

  3. Timothy Mathews

    I haven't done the tour since the added the working perks Cafe. and Script to Screen. I really want to do the Deluxe 5hrs tour. I was actually surprised you were allowed to shoot so much video. Last time I was there they said only stills were allowed.

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