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We said goodbye to our friends at Otorongo Expeditions Lodge and boarded the biggest ship on the Amazon River – the Delfin III. We were upgraded to the Owner’s suite which we officially call our favorite room ever!

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***TRAVEL VLOG 344***

First song – “Some Things Don’t Change” by Bonus Points
Second song – “Put Your Hands Together” by Andrew Applepie:

Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, we got married June 2013 and quickly caught the travel bug! We started traveling full-time January 10, 2016. While daily vlogging was not the original plan, we were having way too many cool experiences not to share every single day! Now travel vlogging is our full-time gig and we feel like we have the greatest job in the world! We are incredibly thankful to do something we love every day. 🙂

We’ve pulled inspiration from several of our favorite travel vloggers on YouTube, such as: +CaseyNeistat +FunForLouis +Jon Olsson +Mr Ben Brown , and any other talented travel vloggers that YouTube’s algorithm will hopefully connect us with 😉

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40 Replies to “OUR FAVORITE ROOM EVER | Amazon Luxury Cruise”

  1. FireCracker3240

    That ship is beautiful… and your room is SPECTACULAR! You can actually lay in bed and watch your journey on the water. That must be so unbelievably cool. Wow!!

  2. FireCracker3240

    And, I wanted to add, you both so totally deserve that Owner's Suite! You guys deserve all the best, and I'm glad you're getting a chance with these wonderful sponsorships (that maybe you got while in London?) ❤

  3. S S

    It does look amazing, but let's be honest, only rich people can afford something like that. It cost about $3,000-5,000 per person. That's ridiculous.

  4. James and Travis In Oklahoma

    I am slowly rewatching all your vlogs I missed… I started watching when you guys where in Russia… Alot to catch up on still…

  5. savelakeclifton

    wow that room is really incredible!! with that amazing view i would nevr hav wanted to leave the room!
    Thanks for sharing! <3

  6. Leslie Donovan

    Kara and Nate, my husband and I are going in 2019 !! What company did you book your cruise, and any other tid-bits of helpful information because google just gives me WAY too much info!

  7. Ricky Tenderkiss

    Having grown up in and being from family from the Andes (albeit north of Peru, in a high-altitude metropolis in a valley pretty much at the northernmost point of the Andes) I really love the beauty of nature, the rush of the Amazon (or of the Orinoco, nearer where I was), the lush rainforests, the colorful villages outside of the big cities, the friendly warm people, and I loved the wide variety of Latin American culture, the cultures of the Andes, of the Amazon, of the llanos (the plains), of the Caribbean just to the north and of its islands, all of that … but I also remember the crushing endemic poverty, amputees everywhere, dead dogs in the streets, children begging on the corners and selling plantain chips on the highway, and it’s nice that you were treated to such luxury, but I hope you know what a contrast that is to the everyday lived experience of most of the people outside of that bubble the cruise company created for you. I don’t really know what you should do with that knowledge, guilt is not the answer … but you definitely need to know that the reality you were separated from is oftentimes a grim one for people just as human as you or I, and maybe think about that when you choose how to spend your ad income or how to vote.

  8. bchlovr

    I love to watch Kara’s face when she sees something new. You guys are so lucky to be able to travel like you have! I just discovered you guys & will continue to watch. Wish you both the best!

  9. Wild Side

    WOW!!!!! This is AMAZING!!!!!! I was just wondering what camera you use to film your amazing videos/vlogs/documentaries?

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