My First Time: Getting Birth Control

I recently decided to go on birth control for the first time. This is my experience with planned parenthood and the pill. I hope this is helpful to some of you.

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Todays video is pretty personal, but I decided to film it because I think it is important for other girls out there to see that it is totally okay and normal to go to planned parenthood for birth control. With all that has been going on with birth control and politics within the last few years, I didn’t really think too much of it because I wasn’t affected by it. I never thought it was a place that I would go. But then I found myself in a place where I needed to start taking responsibility for my body, and get birth control. My first thought on where to go? Planned Parenthood. I was honestly pretty nervous and a little embarrassed about the idea of the whole thing. But, Planned Parenthood makes it so easy, accessible, and affordable to get the care you need. I’m really glad I went, and I hope this encourages you to feel confident in using birth control whenever the time comes that you decide you want or need it!

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34 Replies to “My First Time: Getting Birth Control”

  1. Lucien Lachance

    Hope you check out the studies what the birth control does to your body and how it affects your choice of partner.

  2. ohitzmara

    What ID did you need to show at Planned Parenthood? I'm low-key wanting to start birth control but ya girl is terrified

  3. spamo wich

    Not to be to personal im asking out of pure curiosity like are u having sex are u also using condoms obviously u arent pregnant now.. are they finishing in u like im scared to even try that yes i started the pill resently and i am scared to have sex idk to trust this little thing with ruining or not runinging my entire life ??!!ahhh thanks

  4. alyssa quinn

    I recommend looking into different types of birth control like the shot, IUD, implant, etc… the pill isn't for everyone especially when you're worried about side effects of depression

  5. Sejla Valjevac

    the part where you’re talking about how it scares you…. yeah i literally got a prescription and the pill and i am too scared to take it 😂😂😂 i got the same one lol! but for me the benefits didnt reallly out-weight the negatives

  6. Tracey

    “To control births” 😂 I went for the first time today, my bf accompanied me. It’s true, they are so welcoming and make you feel comfortable. My first time taking BC! I’m excited but nervous. 😬

  7. Denise Juarez

    I am on my second pack this month I am 27 but so far everything Kool except that I have mood changes lol but same here have not missed a day but on my surgar pills I freaked out cause lol I took mine @11:15-11:30am on some days when I supposed to take them @10:00am… Lol

  8. Global Elite

    You have no upperlip.. so everything you say has no meaning i’m sorry. You are average lookin and average looking people should not talk that much. Thats just how nature works

  9. andreana

    girl yes i’m 19 and i’ve been using blisovi fe 1/20 and i love it 🙂 great video girl you’re such a beautiful girl so glad it worked for you

  10. Christina

    I thought normally you have to have a gynecological examination first? Like a pelvic exam & Pap smear? Condoms are a good option. There are multiple methods available & different options or use two different methods together. Check WebMD for different options. Hormones can affect your emotions.

  11. Anna Bell

    If you start taking the pill on the first day of your period (eg – a wednesday) do you have to work your way through ALL of the hormone pills before you take the sugar pills? Or do you just take the sugar pills when you get to them, and then finish off the remaining hormone pills?

  12. Darla E.

    Thank you so much!! I want to go to on birth control to regulate my periods and to not get pregnant! Haha! I’m going to planned parenthood next week!

  13. trenchchoco

    im confused, sorry im really dumb im new to all this. does every girl have to take birth control pills, or is it just like certain types of people. because im terrified of pills.

  14. Keta x

    I’m very new to all this , so if I had a party one night and I’m due on and wanted to pause my period would I have to go on this pill?? xxx

  15. Anthony Williams

    Thank you so much for doing this video. Birth control is a topic that people should feel free to discuss openly. It does sadden me that many young women do not feel like discussing birth control with their parents. The reason I say this is because every woman’s body is different and birth control is not safe for all women. For some women the effects of birth control are virtually nothing at all but for other women, birth control can lead to serious irreversible illnesses or even death. Birth control can sometimes trigger underlying genetic health issues that could potentially be very dangerous. In most cases parents are a good source of family medical history. Those with a family medical history of blood clots, cardiovascular disease, migraines, or circulatory problems should take extreme care when using birth control, even low dosage, because the health risks are enormous. In September of 2018, my 20 year old daughter passed away due to blood clots in her lungs that were triggered by her use of a combination hormonal birth control pill. She got her birth control through Planned Parenthood without the knowledge of either of her parents. Had she discussed her decision with us, we could have informed her of some issues in her family medical history that would make birth control use dangerous and unwise. She did not give us that opportunity. Now she is gone. All that’s left are a mother, father, and younger sister to grieve for her. Please remember young ladies, your decision regarding birth control could potentially effect so many people other than yourselves. Please be safe, please be careful, and most importantly please inform yourselves as much as possible.

  16. Brynna Gant

    90% of women can STILL get pregnant on birth control! It does NOT prevent pregnancy. I had a serious conversation with my doctor about it and she told me the truth about birth control, it typically only helps with cramps, hormones, and delaying your period.

  17. Emma Vincent

    I tried the pill and instantly hated it after being sick 27 fricking times in 2 hours girl no I hated that was off it in a month

  18. sophia

    thank you i needed this. i’m only 13 and when i was prescribed birth control they told me NOTHING ABOUT IT and that was literally earlier today so i have no clue what to expect

  19. eval0veslifexx

    Birth control can't "cause" depression. Depression isn't something that a medication can bring on. It's a chemical imbalance in your brain. It also isn't necessarily bad for you… If it doesn't work for you then that's one thing, it doesn't mean it's bad for you.

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