COSTS OF CANGGU – FOOD, GROCERIES & MORE | Bali Digital Nomad Trip | Travel Vlog 141, 2018

Bali costs of food and groceries are great, no wonder Canggu is a digital nomad travel spot! ⬇ More Below ✈ Want to live in Bali?? Here’s how —

After a while in Bali it was clear everyone wanted to know the living costs or daily cost of living in Canggu. Costs of food and groceries is one of the main questions we get asked about so we decided to share a video if you want to travel and look at food prices, or come to Bali as a digital nomad to live in Bali.

We also show a digital nomad spot, Dojo, which is a coworking space in Canggu and known for it’s reasonable price and decent food as well.

Stay tuned, in the next month we will have a travel vlog covering the monthly costs of living in Bali!

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28 Replies to “COSTS OF CANGGU – FOOD, GROCERIES & MORE | Bali Digital Nomad Trip | Travel Vlog 141, 2018”

  1. Keri Judith

    Nalu Bowl = Drool!!! 😍 they're so goddamn delicious. My fave was the Uluwatu one and they're so pretty you'd almost never want to eat it haha – can't wait till your book is out team!!!

  2. Bobby Roncketti

    You guys in Bali? Let’s do a collab video. My girlfriend is @ashleyreis Feel like we can make something happen 🤙🏽

  3. Dream331

    Nice prices on all that stuff in the grocery store. Seems like the money goes a long way there. Bali really looks great thru your experiences..

  4. Delpar

    One more tip. If you can, try and fill up from proper service stations….The bottles on the side are usually mixed with ethanol etc and you will burn through it much quicker than a legitimate service station fill up.

  5. Me

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 [avid fan from the PH – was about to ask how you guys were able to film the insides of the supermarket LOL, glad they were cool about it]

  6. Phnom Penh Travel Cambodia

    Wonder if Dane is going to buy a new t-shirt soon…the one he is wearing has got more holes than a golf course!

    ''Am I buggin' ya?….I don't mean to bug ya''👍👍👍

  7. DC DreamChaser

    Sad to see those pringles “shrunk” a bit in terms of size, usually here they sell the bigger ones🤔

  8. Jordan Taylor

    Lol I joined the same gym! Still the cheapest gym in the world that I’ve ever joined. Lived right around the corner in the rice fields. I am heading to Hanoi from Chiang Mai next! Awesome videos guy, definitely great info and editing! Maybe we will cross paths soon!

  9. Sean velasquez

    I’m going with my wife to Bali this week, we are staying in the south part of Bali at Melia Bali. I am going to suprise her with flowers the hotel is going to arrange for us. My question is they are quoting me for a bottle of champagne at 2,500,000 rupia which i think is a lot what are the prices at the store for a bottle of champagne? I don’t mind going to pick one up.

  10. Greg Dundee

    You guys seem really cool, very likable but bali is the most overrated place on the plant. Didn't like it whatsoever when i visited for the first time last year, people keep telling me to give it another chance but I'm not convinced


    Omg thank you for this !!! I'm coming to stay in Bali in august for awhile and I wasn't sure about gas prices, groceries, gyms and this was killer helpful- really appreciate it 😍🙏

  12. Lee-Anne Kakora

    The quality of your videos are amazing. You should do video production as well. Your really good at it.

  13. Lisa Mcfarlane

    We are looking at going to Bali for 6 months Canggu in particular, we are a family of 5 can you recommend where I would start looking for rental accomodation for us?

  14. James Gardner

    Hi amazing vlog guys I'm going to seminyak for a week how much would be good to go to bali for a week ?

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