Melbourne is often known as the best city in the world, so we had to visit and share the secret gardens, guaranteed kangeroo locations, and other best places to visit. Share this video with friends who may be planning a trip to the city!

Travel Vlog #43 // Melbourne, Australia

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Hi! We grew up on opposite ends of the United States in Texas and Ohio. Later in college, we met and got married in August of 2016. As poor newly weds and recent college grads, we moved to New York City to begin what we thought would be our long careers in finance. Only one year later, after accumulating over 2 million miles and points through “travel hacking”, we booked round-the-world business class tickets to over 40 countries for free. We quit our jobs, sold everything we owned, and began this once-in-a-lifetime adventure on August 27, 2018. Chad has always loved creating home videos to hold onto the memories we share while traveling, so we started this YouTube channel as a place to share our adventures with friends and family. We hope you’ll join our journey to exciting countries and experiences around the world!

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6 Replies to “MELBOURNE BEST PLACES TO VISIT | How to Travel Melbourne”

  1. Perry Watson

    Love it guys, great job. We had a really fun day hanging out with you! I might've played up that whole vegemite by the spoonful thing, I can still taste it 😝

  2. anne lange

    Holy Kangaroo! I think this is my favorite video so far. The local guides were incredible. And watching Chad run from a bird was entertaining.

  3. Yvettes Vibes

    Hey guys! New Sub, I am so impressed with how quickly you already have 5k subs! I've been doing this since August also and I can barely crack 300 subs!

    Also I am Australian, I am glad you enjoyed Straya!

  4. Sass & Tom

    Great videos Hannah and Chad! We found your page from Kara and Nate's instagram!

    We love your travel hacking ethos and will be watching to see how it pans out. We're travelling and documenting as we go along too and are always looking to make things more affordable as we go along.

    Any travel hacking tips for UK residents? Unfortunately we don't have the same credit card reward schemes available to us as you do but would love any tips.

    Looking forward to seeing more. Glad to find you

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