Luxor is Too Epic!

Everything I saw in this breathtaking city was more epic than the last! Wow!


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(I haven’t written on here in awhile, but I should)

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**The video was not sponsored or anything like that by the hotel that I showed in the video. I just really thought all that art was super cool! It is called Bob Marley House, and I had a private room for $10 / night**

Luxor, Egypt الأقصر
Temple of Hatshepsut مــعــبــد حــتــشــبـــســــوت
Medinet Habu Temple
Karnak Temple
Luxor Temple
Bob Marley House


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25 Replies to “Luxor is Too Epic!”

  1. Cemil Agcaabat

    could you tell me plase they great place ıf ı go there cairo pramits and abu simbel temples an sarm al seyh how much dollar ı need more or less by the way ı am nor rich :)))

  2. Mamdouh Tawadros

    Fascinating journey. You went deep in history 4000+ years. Luxor is the city where my father was born. But sadly I haven’t seen it at all. You are lucky.

  3. Stephen Cosio

    I'll be traveling to Egypt solo next week! Thank you for the inspiration to go to Egypt alone. I love all of your videos, all very well shot. Nice work! You are amazing!

  4. Rob Radencic

    That was just AMAZING! Your photography almost made me feel I was in the balloon with you. And your beautiful purple/lavendar shawl (?). You do it justice!

  5. Brace Brooks

    That was an amazing video! I enjoyed watching this. Ancient Egyptian architecture is so fascinating. I wish I could travel more in my life with acceptable company too.

  6. storm Omar

    I was in Cairo in 2011, I stayed at pharoh hotel in dokki.People are very friendly. Can't wait to go back and make some friends!

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