Traveling to SWEDEN! Ep. 1 of the Swedish Travel Series with some facts about West Sweden leading up to Midsummer visit!

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Filmed, Edited and Produced By Erik Conover LLC, NYC 2018

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40 Replies to “TRAVELING to SWEDEN!”

  1. Azi Productions

    Dude.. u were at my city.. and u went to volvo the place where i work… and u were walking around the streets between kungsport and domkyrkan where i always hang out.. and u even went to a kafe i used to go to and i managed not to see u at all?? How in the world man??????

  2. Hjortsater

    everyone celebrates Midsommar but noone would actually give a shit if we were to miss it one year.. It's not thaaaat big of a deal but it's a fun thing to do for a couple of hours

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