Day In My Life As A College Student in California

Here’s a day in my life vlog while in college! I vlogged a bit of my morning and night routine, going to class, hanging out with my friends and roommates, and more. I live in San Diego and go to school at Point Loma Nazarene University☼
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44 Replies to “Day In My Life As A College Student in California”

  1. Renata Malyshev

    Could you do a video on why you picked Point Loma to go to school at and maybe talk a little about the whole process when you went through it/ what you like and don't like about PLNU. Im about to start the college process and it would be so helpful to me! (as i'm sure it would to many others) Thanks Elena 🙂 xx

  2. Tuva Iversen

    Heyy Elena. I was wondering how you can afford so much travelling when you´re a student? and also, what are you studying in college? Just wanted to say that i love your videos, and you´re so inspiring!!<3

  3. Isabella Figuerola

    imagine having that time in the morning omg, my classes start at 7am so i don't even have time to eat breakfast 🙁

  4. Samanta Rizzi

    Aww the doggies!!! <3 My favourite animals. 🙂 Anyway, love this type of videos from you – vlogs are great. Also, I'd like to see more simple makeup tutorials for any of us girls with hooded eyes out there! 😉 I loved your sparkle makeup one (I believe you used the Urban Decay eye shadows – it came out really lovely). Other than that, I think your channel is awesome, I love it! <3

  5. trida simone

    ahh, pls don’t use vitamin c in the morning! it makes your skin photosensitive and could lead to sun damage, you should only use it at night 💕✨

  6. Kate Sislane

    You are seriously inspiring me to go to your school— I currently go to University of a New Hampshire !

  7. Ollie A

    Is that your car or Grace's car with the space in the back to sit in? What kind of car is it? So cute! I'd love a car like that to chuck a mattress in the back of and go on trips 😊

  8. Christine Lycklama

    Not to be preachy or critical, just curious. Im sure you love animals and the planet and care to be sustainable. How come you still eat meat if the animal industry is responsible for the emission of more green house gases than all transport of the world combined? along with many other problems. Are tastebuds more important than a life? Love your feel good videos though

  9. Charlotte Wisthuff

    does anyone know what the background music in the beginning is? i hear it in a lot of videos and i've always wondered

  10. Rej Paradero

    love you and your videos! was wondering what insulated water bottle are you using? the cap looks different from the norm and cool stickers!

  11. anonymous user

    Love your energy, your friends too. Love your style and your skin as well. Everything you're using and eating, keep it up!

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